Pennsylvania Representatives Interested in Punishments for State Online Gambling

pennsylvania_state_sealA new bill could be the works for the state of Pennsylvania that would change current legislation in regards to online gambling. Currently, the state has online gambling as an illegal activity however; there is no punishment for taking part in online gaming in the state. This could change if State Representatives Mario Scavello and Paul Clymer have anything to do with it.

The Representatives would like to set punishments for anyone who is found to be taking part in online gambling. Scavello stated that online gambling should be described as the Wild West, as there is no one to keep an eye on someone who does not know how to stop gambling. Scavello believes if offenders are to be punished monetarily, they will stop breaking the law.

The plan is to set punishments that would be based on the type of offence. A first time offender would have to pay a fine of $300 plus serve as many as ninety days in jail. For a second time offender, the punishment would be a $2,500 fine and as much as one year in prison. A second offence is considered a misdemeanor.

The idea of punishing online gambling is surprising in the state due to the fact that Pennsylvania has been on the radar as a state that could create legislation regulating the option. The brick and mortar casino industry in the state is booming and officials have been interested in the past in online gaming.

For now, Scavello has spoken about proposing a new bill along with the help of Representative Paul Clymer. Both Clymer and Scavello seem to believe that using online gambling as a means for revenue is not the right decision. Clymer was quoted at CBS Philly as stating:

“And is this the best that we can do as state legislators? Don’t we have any fresh ideas? Don’t we have other ways that we can provide good employment for the citizens of Pennsylvania?” The two representatives continue to use the same tactics as online gambling opponents, basing their beliefs on that fact that children will be exposed as well as an increase in problem gamblers.


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