Paul Phua Case Dismissed by Federal Judge

spain-lawThe high profile illegal gambling case involving high stakes gambler Paul Phua has come to an end after a federal judge ruled the case dismissed just yesterday. In a previous court appearance, Phua has seen evidence against him removed after the judge found the seizure of the evidence to be in violation of his 4th Amendment rights. Phua can now resume his daily life and possibly WSOP play now that the case has been dismissed.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that United States District Judge Andrew Gordon dismissed the case despite prosecutors fighting the ruling. Gordon made his decision based on the fact that prosecutors told him they did not have enough evidence to present during a trial hearing.

Gordon ruled that the evidence obtained by FBI agents during a July 2014 Caesars Palace villa raid stemmed from an illegal search by the FBI. Agents posed as repairmen for Internet service after Phua had contacted Caesars officials in need of assistance. By not telling Phua who they were, the agents gained entry into the facility and gathered information that would be used during a future raid.

The trial was due to take place on June 15th but with the dismissal, Phua will no longer have to appear in court. The bail money of $2 million plus the passport of Phua and his jet worth $48 million will also be returned. Phua has currently been forced to remain in Las Vegas due to the legal case but with the dismissal, will now be able to return to Malaysia, where his ailing mother is located.

After the court ruling, defense attorney for Phua, David Chesnoff, stated: “Paul Phua stood his ground for himself, his friends and family and all of us. Ultimately, he has been vindicated by our constitutional system and the honesty and strength of our federal judiciary. He is free.”

Six others involved in the case pled guilty previously and were fined as well as given sentences of five years on probation with the condition to stay away from the United States during the five year time frame. The seventh defendant in the case had their charges dismissed.



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