Online Poker On The Mind of Wisconsin Indian Tribe

DE gamblingAcross the United States, individual states have begun to take a look at online poker, especially after Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware launched online gaming options. States that offer gambling already in brick and mortar form seem to be the most interested in online gaming options. This also includes Indian Tribes.

Tribes across the US have shown either interest or distaste towards the option. It was recently reported that the Lac du Flambeau Chippewa tribe would like to expand their gaming offering to include online activity.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently reported that the tribe has been in dire straits when it comes to revenues in general and believes that online gaming options would be a great way to get back on track. The tribe is the owner of the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino which is located in the northern part of Wisconsin.

Since 2009, the tribe has been struggling, going further and further into debt. The tribe was givne a bond of $50 million to help try and solve their financial issues back in 2009 but they defaulted on this bond. The tribe has not been able to make suitable income to pay back the bond as well as get ahead of their debt.

The President of the Tribe is Tom Maulson, who believes that online gambling would be a great way for the tribe to get back on the upswing. Maulson stated in the report that the tribe is ready to go and could simply ‘flip a switch’ to begin offering online casino and poker gaming. However, the tribe does not have the option to do so as online gambling is not legal in the state of Wisconsin.

Online gambling is not allowed in the state but is considered permissible in the reservation borders. This would technically allow the tribe to offer online gambling to a select few, but the amount of people on the reservation would not make even a small dent in revenues needed. The tribe would like to be able to offer the option and join with other tribes as part of the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance. If the tribes could work together and create a combined player pool, there would be a larger audience for the online gaming option.

Of course, there are currently no tribes offering the online gaming option as of yet, so the Lac du Flambeau Chippewa tribe would have to wait until other tribes begin the option before having anyone to work with for larger player pools.

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