Online Poker Co. Absolute Poker Opens Up To Audit – Official Statement Released.

Poker Cheating AllegationsIn a statement issued last night by AP in response to allegations that have been flying left and right over the last few days, Absolute Poker says they will open up to a third party investigation. The independent investigation will be conducted by Gaming Associates.

Representatives from Absolute stated that a ‘thorough investigation’ will be conducted. The purpose of the investigation is to either prove, or disprove the allegations that hole cards of opponents can be seen by some absolute players and or employees during internet poker games, there are also allegations that an AP staff member fed tournament players their opponents hole cards.

The investigation will also include how the information, opponents hole cards, may or may not have been exploited. has contacted Absolute’s Media Department and Gaming Associates with a few questions of our own, we will update you just as soon as we have answers.

Some of the questions presented include:

  • Will players be reimbursed if foul play or security leaks are confirmed?
  • Will the audit include in depth looks into those at the top, and specifically accounts mentioned in the online poker cheating allegations, including activities of former Absolute Poker CEO Scott Tom and account 363.

In their statement Representatives Said:

Allegations have been made against the former CEO of Absolute Poker, Scott Tom. Absolute Poker has said that Mr. Tom will be the subject of a formal investigation.

We do not know how long this investigation will take, or if the results will be made public, however we will update you the moment any new facts become known to us.

Entire Absolute Poker Statement:

Absolute Poker Management wishes to inform the poker community of the following information in response to the most recent claims posted over the past 48 hours on the 2+2 and Pocket Fives forums wherein again it is alleged that some person or persons breached Absolute Poker’s redundant and varying levels of game client security. As was stated in Absolute Poker’s Official Response released on Friday October 12, 2007, Absolute Poker conducted an extensive investigation in response to the claims it was made aware of and received. The results of that investigation indicated that to the best of Absolute Poker’s knowledge, information and belief there was no security breach. Specifically, Absolute Poker’s internal investigation determined that it is impossible for any person, device, program, script or other means to see hole cards.

Based on the most recent claims that Absolute Poker has been made aware of and at the request of some of our players and business partners, Absolute Poker has agreed to retain a widely acclaimed independent third party auditor, Gaming Associates, to conduct an independent audit of Absolute Poker’s security systems. Specifically, Absolute Poker has requested that Gaming Associates conduct a thorough and extensive review of Absolute Poker’s practices and security systems to determine whether it is possible for any person, device, program, script or other means to see hole cards thereby gaining an unfair advantage. (

Absolute Poker has agreed to fully cooperate with Gaming Associates and its investigative team and to provide the above with unfettered access to all systems, protocols and databases at Absolute Poker worldwide. Absolute Poker has also agreed to allow Gaming Associate’s final report to be made available to Pocket Fives and Bluff Media for their review.

With respect to the claims that Scott Tom, a former Member of Team Absolute Poker, is in anyway involved in wrong-doing, Absolute Poker has requested a formal investigation into that matter as well. Mr. Tom has not been involved with Absolute Poker for over a year and to the best of our knowledge, information and belief has not had access to any of Absolute Poker’s systems, databases or information.

Absolute Poker reserves the right to pursue any and all remedies whether in law or equitable which may procure to it as a result of any unlawful and injurious actions taken by any individuals who may have falsified any information, documents, files, or have by other means attempted to disparage and/or harm Absolute Poker, its Players, its current or former management, employees, business partners or affiliates.

Absolute Poker shall bear all expenses related to such investigation and is eager to learn about Gaming Associate’s findings. Absolute Poker highly values and intends to protect its players, shareholders, business partners, and affiliates.

Absolute Poker Management

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1 Comment

  1. The question we should be asking is – who is Scott Tom?

    My clients are shareholders of Absolute Poker. Scott Tom is still very much involved in Absolute Poker.

    Everyone knows Poker is not legal in the United States. Scott Tom and his American cronies manipulated the corporate structure – playing the age-old shell game – to minimize their exposure to Absolute Poker.

    Scott Tom controls everything from behind the scenes. So don’t believe the bullshit “Absolute Poker Management” throws at you – because the Management is Scott Tom.

    Scott Tom receives hefty income from Absolute Poker. Looking at his high-flying lifestyle – beautiful house in Costa Rica, luxury cars, frequent private jet travel around the World, and bodyguards – we estimate his income to be in the range of millions per year.

    Is Scott Tom stupid enough to cheat the players that have made him wealthy and on top – get caught cheating?

    Yes. Scott Tom and his cronies are indeed foolish. Suicidal foolish…

    Absolute Poker Management states “Absolute Poker highly values and intends to protect its players, shareholders, business partners, and affiliates.”

    Let’s discuss exactly how Scott Tom and his cronies have treated shareholders. These are the people that risked their hard-earned savings to give Absolute Poker its start many years ago.

    Scott Tom and his cronies have totally blown off shareholders. While they are busy flying around the World spending thousands and thousands on luxury – shareholders have seen little more than a trickle.

    Today, Shareholders are totally ignored by Scott Tom and his Absolute Poker Management. Calls and emails are ignored. Shareholders have no access to Scott Tom. Behind a curtain setup by lawyers, Absolute Poker was sold to yet another shell company belonging to Scott Tom. This minimized any return shareholders can get.

    Despite this, shareholders are owed USD 250,000,000. Besides his father and other relatives being paid off secretly, the common shareholder after many delays and excuses can assume only that their money will never be paid back.

    Scott Tom and his cronies live in Costa Rica. A country where killing can be bought for a few thousand dollars.

    Ask yourself – if you stole $250,000,000 from investors and flaunt your wealth while letting them starve – would you expect to live a long and prosperous life?

    Scott Tom and his cronies think so. They think an “independent poker commission” is going to clear them and the players will come rushing back to Absolute Poker. They think legal structures and lawyers will protect them from investors who have waited for many years to get their money back.

    The worse problem Scott Tom now faces is Absolute Poker might fall apart because he cheated players. And he cannot pay back investors after giving himself, his cronies, and his family years of luxurious living using money that should have been paid to investors.

    Scott Tom and his cronies have no future.

    There is only one way out. Pay back the players that they cheated. Pay back the investors they cheated. And do this quickly.

    Time has run out for Scott Tom, his cronies, and Absolute Poker.

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