New Online Poker Room Opens; Claims to be Legal in US

After Black Friday, online poker seemed nonexistent in the United States. Players longed for an opportunity to play online poker without having to worry about the funds in their account and now they supposedly have that opportunity. SkillBet has now launched in the United States and they claim to be legal in the majority of states in the US.

The new site is different than the online poker sites we have known in the past. Players at the site do not compete at the same table against other players. Instead the players will challenge other players by playing at similar tables, not the same one. SkillBet is claiming that this way, players are playing with more skill rather than a skill/chance game.

During a game at SkillBet, two players will set in the same seat but at two separate tables and players will be surrounded by the exact same computer players. Players will then be dealt the exact same cards. The same community cards will be dealt at each table and the outcome of the game will depend not the decision making of the players.

SkillBet commented on their option at their site which read: “We offer games of skill only. Our first game is like regular No Limit Texas Hold’em without the luck of the draw (e.g., both players play the same hand against the same opponents). The only factor determining who wins are the decision of the two players – and therefore, it is unquestionably a game of skill.

“Our games are no different from carnival games, chess and golf tournaments or other skill-based games that have been played for cash or prizes for hundreds of years.”

SkillBet has stated that many experts agree that their options have eliminated the element of chance. March Zwillinger a gambling law expert is in agreement and states that the site is totally legal. This could be the start of a different type of poker site online. Players can check out the site now and it will be interesting to see if SkillBet will receive any opposition or if they will be able to remain operating in the United States.

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