Nevada Representative Takes Aim at Renewed Push for Federal Online Gambling Ban

After a letter sent to Vice President-elect Mike Pence in regards to bringing back the issue of a federal ban regarding online gambling in the United States, signed by ten attorneys general was made public, one representative of Nevada is firing back. Dina Titus has created her own letter that was sent to Pence in an effort to show the inaccuracies and unfair allegations that were mentioned in the letter signed by the AGs.

The attorneys general asked that Pence consider changing the opinion of the Department of Justice from 2011 in regards to the 1961 Wire Act. The reinterpretation of this act made it so the law only applied to sports betting and other online gambling activities were allowed. The letter mentions the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, a piece of legislation that has yet to be successful and stop online gambling from taking place in the US.

A big problem that many legislators are having with the letter signed by the AGs is that Adam Laxalt’s name was included in the signatures. Laxalt is the Attorney General for Nevada, a state that already offers online poker gaming. Governor Brian Sandoval was among the officials of the state who had a problem with Laxalt signing the letter and showing support for a federal ban of the activity, essentially going against a major industry within the state.

Representative of Nevada, Dina Titus, decided to write a letter as well to set the story straight as far as online gambling is concerned. Titus discussed the legal and regulated markets of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey as well as talked about the online gambling market that is illegal and persistent in the United States.

Titus pointed out that in states where online gaming is legalized as well as regulated, there are extensive consumer protections in place that are enforced by authorities. Titus also noted that as far as Nevada is concerned there are effective controls in place to help verify age and location with no report made of an instance in which minors have played poker online.

This renewed push for a federal online gambling ban is not something that gamblers want to see as well as invested parties involved in online gambling in the three states that currently have legislation in place. Additional states are also interested in entering the industry though no legislation has been passed as of yet. Many efforts are currently being made by proponents of iGaming including the PPA launching an email campaign to stop the anti-online gambling efforts in their tracks.


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