NBA Players Point Guns in High Stakes Poker Stand Off

Imagine a high stakes poker game played in the sky on a flight chartered by the Washington Wizards, an NBA basketball team.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? The game between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton played didn’t end on the plane however.

It seems the two played some very high stakes games on the way home from a game in Phoenix on December 19th, only one of the players didn’t pay up.

Arenas showed up in the Wizards locker room armed with three guns. He put the guns on a chair next to Crittenton’s locker, allegedly in an attempt to intimidate 22 year old Crittenton into paying his $25,000.00 gambling debt.

Arenas told his teammate to choose a gun, Crittenton however replied that he had his own.

It appears that he did indeed have a gun, as the two NBA ball players both drew their weapons. No shots were fired during the incident.

According to the NY post the Wizards never told the NBA that these two drew guns on each other in the locker room.

In fact, the NBA learned of the incident the same way that most of us did, they read it in an New York Post Article.

It’s rumored that this might be the end of the players Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton in the NBA, and it might also end the career of the Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld.

However, speculation aside, the players have yet to be even suspended.

According to reports, Arena’s jeopardized his teams safety with his firearm by brining it to the locker room because he didn’t want the gun around his brand new baby at his home in Virginia.

Arena’s has been posting on Twitter about the story, he says the story seems very serious, but that he wasn’t serious. In fact he even jokes about being put in twitter jail.

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  1. Someone tell those idiots"never pull a gun unless you're gonna use it" now that we are on the subject of gambling, 10 to 1 one or both of them will be dead inside of a year.

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