More Information Released in the Borgata Fake Poker Chip Scandal

ScreenHunter_14 Jan. 30 14.32Just a few weeks ago, Christian Lusardi was found to be involved in a counterfeit poker chip incident at the Borgata Casino during the opening event of the Borgata Winter Open. The poker player was arrested and now even more information has surfaced, stating the player not only was handling counterfeit poker chips but also bootleg DVDs.

It was during the 2014 Borgata Winter Open that fake poker chips were found to be in game play. The tournament was stopped and eventually staff members traced the fake chips back to Lusardi’s room since he apparently tried to flush the chips down the toilet. Around 2.7 million in poker chips were placed in the tournament and now more reports state that Lusardi had his hand in other fake products as well.

According to a report by, agents associated with Customs have been watching Christian Lusardi closely for almost two years now. Boxes of counterfeit DVDs were intercepted by Customs coming from China, and moving towards Fayetteville, North Carolina. Court documents show that agents were suspect of Lusardi and after a search of his home, over 37,500 bootleg DVDs were found in the home.

Along with the DVDs, agents found equipment used to create bootleg movie copies including DVD burners and equipment used for packaging. Lusardi reportedly told investigators that the packaging equipment was used for shipping the items to family and friends without being detected.

Investigators in the case found that the poker player was able to earn almost $1 million by selling the bootleg DVDs online. Lusardi also sold the DVDs at flea markets locally and the amount earned has yet to be determined.

The court documents also showed that the most recent shipment Lusardi received from China was labeled ‘Plastic Chips’, which makes one wonder if this is where the chips to placed in the Borgata poker tournament were from.

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