Maurice Hawkins Takes HPT Title

Maurice Hawkins is one of the most popular players when it comes to the World Series of Poker Circuit as he has managed to win 11 gold rings here and was an all-time leader for a long time. This is definitely something that he will go in history with, but he is not planning on stopping.

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He showed what he can do in the Heartland Poker Tour where he managed to win HPT St. Charles $1,650 Main Event and win a total cash prize of $113,322. Six-figure sums are not new to this living legend. In fact, this is the seventh one that he has won during his career as a poker player.

The tournament was held near St. Louis and there were a total of 347 entries. However, only 36 best could expect a cash prize. Some of the other names that appeared in this tournament and are worth mentioning are Mike Holm, Richard Bai, Chris Staats, and Josh “JT” Turner. All of them were actually in the first 36 and got paid out, but none of them managed to reach the final table and see the final action.

The path towards the finals was not easy for Hawkins and he almost dropped out when he bet most of his stack and had just a pure luck that the card he was wishing for appears on the river. If he had not won, he would have been left with 15 big blinds. Luckily for him, this hand turned the tides of favor to his side and he managed to enter the final table with more than 1.6 million. The only player that had more in chips than him was Ryan Julius, who had 1,827,000.
There were more moves during the final table, especially when only three players remained. At one point, Hawkins also dropped below 20 big blinds but managed to return it all during two hands that he played against Heine in a three-way.

The second hand was really interesting when Heine went all in having a nine and a seven, against Hawkins’ nine and an eight. The best thing was that the community cards at that point were two nines, an eight, and a six. This meant that Hawkins had a full house and there was no help for Heine who had to leave the game after that hand.

The heads-up lasted for three hours and it turned out to be a quite passive game. The two players were Maurice Hawkins and HB Sablotny. The game went on until there were only about 50 big blinds on the table. Hawkins finally decided to end things when he flopped a straight against the aces that Sablotny turned. He had to settle down for the second place and a prize of $71,743. Maurice Hawkins proved once again what a poker genius he is.

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