Khan Takes Down Caesars Million, Stiffs Dealer

Check out the online poker news headlines and you’ll see Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan’s name plastered across them after taking down the Caesars Palace Classic poker tournament for the top prize of a cool $1 million. You may not see, however, is that, according to sources, Khan left absolutely no tip for the event’s dealers.

Hevad KhanThe Caesars Palace Classic began two weeks back on October 16th and finally came down to the Main Event this weekend. 300 players jumped on the chance to take home the 1st place prize of $1 million, but Hevad Khan (pictured left) triumphed over each of them, routing such well-known final tablists as Adam Junglen, John Hennigan and Daniel “Rekrul” Schreiber.

Khan persevered through sheer domination, going into the final table with near three times the chip stack as the nearest competitor. With Junglen and Hennigan out of the way early on, Hevad had no trouble sending the rest of the opposition to the rails.

Heads-up play came down to Hevad Khan versus Michael Kamran. As the final hand came down, the dealer flopped a J-9-2 rainbow. A check came from Kamran, giving Khan the confidence to raise 900,000. Kamran pulled off his check-raise with an all-in over the top. Khan made the call, flipping the J-6 top pair. Kamran turned over K-T and hoped for the best. A 7 on the Turn gave Kamran extra outs, but the 10 on the River was lights-out for 2nd place finisher.

Kamran earned more than half of a million for the gutsy call, while Khan walked away with $1,000,000. When I say walked away, I mean it – he did just that. According to sources, Khan offered absolutely no inclination to the dealers who had worked diligently throughout the Caesars Palace Classic poker tournament. Khan’s actions are receiving due criticism from around the poker world.

Caesars Poker Classic Final Table Results
1st – Hevad Khan – $1,000,000
2nd – Michael Kamran – $520,320
3rd – Gary Freidlander – $266,073
4th – Jonathan Aguiar – $206,946
5th – Joseph Cordi – $177,382
6th – Adam Junglen – $147,818
7th – John Hennigan – $118,255
8th – Daniel Schreiber – $88,691
9th – Michael Fantini – $59,127
10th – Michael Katz – $35,746

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