“Jungleman” Continues Trash Talk Against Tom Dwan

Just a few days ago, we reported that poker pros Dan Cates and Tom Dwan were discussing their old ‘durrrr challenge’. The two had competed before Full Tilt Poker shut down and the challenge was not even halfway complete when the site shut down. Cates approached Dwan on Twitter to try and begin the challenge again and since that time, the two have been going back and forth.

Now, Cates is stating that Dwan has no interest in continuing the competition. Cates spoke with Thomas Hviid of PokerListings and stated:

“He doesn’t really want to play based on his actions so I thought if I called him out on Twitter he’d feel more pressure to play.”

In the interview with Hviid, Cates stated that before he called Dwan out on Twitter, he texted the poker pro. When Dwan did not respond via text, Cates decided to call him out since he was already seeing the pro take on others online. Cates stated that he felt the only option he had was to take the instance public.

On the flipside, Dwan spoke with PokerListings as well and stated that he had talked with Cates and it would be no time before the challenge began again. The two continue to go back and forth. While Cates says that he has yet to hear from Dwan despite Full Tilt Poker being back in action. Dwan has stated that he has been available to compete and that Cates knows this.

So, basically no one really knows what is going on. Cates continued to speak out on his thoughts about Dwan and stated:

“I think part of him just won’t be convinced that he’s worse than me, necessarily, but he seems to think he’s going to lose the challenge. Nobody wants to continue when they’re getting crushed.”

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