Joe Cada takes lead in the 2009 WSOP – Schullman Picks up some chips.

Just after 1:30 A.M. Joe Cada shoved his chips into the middle, the guys on the Bluff show were discussing how Darvin Moon should now switch into a new gear, slowing things down, sliding into even more money.

wsop-2009When he called. Instantly, before Cada even got his chips into the pot.

Cada had a couple of rockets, and Darvin K9 off suit? A strange choice for Darvin Moon, in fact, the move will cost him his

After the hand, Cada the new chipleader holds 56 million in tournament chips, and Darvin Moon is now down to 35million.

Instant All in – Instant Call by darvin moon with the K9 Off Suit. Just as bluff magazine poker c

Jeff Schullman moves all in right after a big hand with Darvin Moon and Joe Cada. Schullman has about five million in chips.

Schullman’s A5  gets called by a King Queen hand held by Saout.

The flop comes A J 4, keeping Schullman in the lead, with a pair of aces. Saout still had a straight draw, and a runner runner club possibility.

Five of diamonds on the turn gives Schullman two pair, and leaving Saout needing a ten. The river is a brick, and Schullman picks up some chips, now at a little more than 10 blinds, or 10 million in tournament chips.

Also, the bluff magazine guys said there’s a rumor floating around that Darvin Moon is snoozin’ a bit here and there at the World Series of Poker Final Table.

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