Jamie Kerstetter Going Full Vegan for a Year for $10,000?

The world of poker players is a vibrant one, and its residents obviously like to place bets—even prop bets. One such bet was recently accepted by Jamie Kerstetter, who decided to go full vegan for a year and earn $10,000. Kerstetter is known for being in love with eating meat, but she is willing to change her eating habits and go on a diet that will last for a year. Apart from winning the money, this poker player seems to want to experiment with her food. Who knows — maybe she’ll end up staying vegan permanently!

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What are the terms?

The whole thing started with David Tuchman, who posted a tweet about a prop bet of going vegan for a year. In a discussion below the tweet, he stated that he would have probably done it for $200,000. Most of the poker players tagged in the post on Twitter stated six-figure scores as a final prize of being a vegan.

However, Jamie Kerstetter, who is also known as the “Queen of Poker Twitter” stated that she would have done it for a very reasonable sum — $10,000. Furthermore, she added that she had been interested in becoming a vegan for a while regardless of the prop bet, and the $10,000 would cover all her bills when buying groceries.

Perkins, who usually loves booking prop bets in order to help people improve themselves, gave her a nod, and the two set the terms for a bet to take place.

The bet started on February 6 this year and will last until February 6, 2020. Jamie Kerstetter is to post updates on her blog at least twice a month regarding her diet. If she gives up, she must do 100 hours of community service in order to pay off her debt. If she refuses to do the 100 hours, she will have to pay $10,000 that she owes.

Kerstetter was content with the terms and stated that Bill Perkins was a great person for pushing people to be better versions of themselves, thus making a positive impact on the world. Furthermore, she added that she was sure Bill would find interesting places for her to volunteer for 100 hours if she doesn’t manage to win her bet.

Many people immediately showed support towards Kerstetter’s case, including legendary poker player Daniel Negreanu, who is also a vegan and a health guru. Furthermore, many people thought that $10,000 was not enough for such a bet, but the idea for Kerstetter is to enjoy the path and try living a different life rather than earning money.

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