High Stakes Poker To Be Available On Poker Central

High Stakes Poker is a poker show that gained immediate popularity around the globe back when it started in 2006. It seems that people love watching shows and tournaments when there’s a lot of money involved, and that’s exactly what this show gave.

It involved some of the best poker players in the world playing for very high stakes.

The show lasted for seven popular seasons on the Game Show Network, only to be shut down after that. The action-packed episodes gave us some memorable moments and legendary hands.

It seems that High Stakes Poker is back in action, as Poker Central acquired the rights to this show. Poker Central will use the streaming platform it owns called PokerGO to show an additional seven seasons of this great poker show.

According to the official press release on Poker Central’s site, the company is about to finalize plans for the future of High Stakes Poker. The release hints that the series will not only be available on PokerGO but also on other “potential broadcast and streaming partners.”

What Are Officials Saying About A Return?

Sam Simmons is the President of Poker Central, and he stated that High Stakes Power was “a remarkable poker program.” Moreover, he added that the show “beautifully conveyed” all the drama that would usually happen in an intense poker game.

Finally, Simmons concluded that Poker Central would do its best to “recapture the nostalgia and magic of the show” and that PokerGO subscribers would be able to witness it all in the “present-day poker climate.”

The person who connects Poker Central and High Stakes Poker is Mori Eskandani. He was one of the main producers for all the original seven seasons that aired on Game Show Network.

Nowadays, he works at Poker Central as an executive producer, meaning he would probably do his best to make the show as good as it was when it originally aired — perhaps even better. He will be joined by Henry Orenstein, who happened to be the original creator of the popular poker series.

Eskandani stated that all they had done in the original series was “let the players play.” According to him, it’s that simple yet effective approach that made High Stakes Poker so “raw and natural.”

Finally, Eskandini stated that it was “a dream come true” to resume the show again and bring it to “a new generation of poker fans and players.”

What made this series popular in the first place was the fact that the show actually put cash games as the primary type of competition. Up until that point, tournament poker was the main televised thing.

However, High Stakes Poker gave viewers an opportunity to watch how it feels to play “big” cash games, with some of the most popular players in the world. The show definitely affected many people around the globe to start playing poker.

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