Harrah’s Entertainment Bans Profanity from WSOP

Reports have been scattered across the internet over the past few days stating that Harrah’s Entertainment has banned swearing from the World Series of Poker. Profanities will no longer be accepted at the table and if used the player or players will be penalized.

Many have speculated that the new rule of no profanity was added because of the Scotty Nguyen incident last year during the WSOP HORSE event. For those who do not know Scotty had drank a little too much and spouted a ton of profanities and was pretty embarrassed afterward. I did a little research of my own and it appears that the ruling against profanity has been a rule for quite some time. It seems as though Harrah’s has brought the rule to light in the hopes that they may not see another incident like Scotty’s.

Under the tournament rules of the WSOP, number 36 comments on the restriction of profanity. It reads: “Harrah’s prohibits the use of obscene or foul language in any public area of the casino at any time. Any player who uses such language or makes a foul, profane, obscene or vulgar statement, or speaks abusively or in an intimidating manner to another player, a dealer or Tournament staff member, will be penalized. These penalties will be levied based on Rules 31, 52, and 53.”

Pretty much, Harrah’s maintains the rights to kick you out of the tournament, building, give a verbal warning, take your chips with no refund or any other punishment they deem appropriate. This rule may make it difficult for some poker pros to play their normal game. The WSOP can become a heated affair especially if those involved lose a big hand. It will be interesting to see who breaks the rule and what will happen when they do.

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