Global Poker Awards Takes a Break This Year to Return In 2022

A lot changed in 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic swept through countries. Life, sports, and gaming saw a significant change, some positive while others negative. Most matches continued to crown champions, but it wasn’t as celebratory as usual.

Poker gaming saw similar changes. Participation in tournaments changed, and getting an award felt undeserving.
Some of the awards were presented on online platforms, while some managed to carry a live event. As such, Global Poker Awards held their event in 2020 before the shutdown that followed the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the award will not run this year but will return in 2022. Moreover, it will feature several changes as detailed here.

The Global Poker Awards will Continue to Honor The Best of the Best

Failing to conduct the global poker awards program is not the only change the poker world will see. The program will return with several changes promoting honoring of poker players. One of the changes we expect is that the event will be held at PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas for the next three years, starting in 2022.

Although the event was also held at the studio for 2019 and 2020, it was not because it was set as the place to hand over various poker honors. In an announcement made by the President of the Global Poker Index, The Hendon Mob organization, Eric Danis, he said that the organization was honored to be part of celebrating accomplishments by renowned persons in the poker industry.

Eric added that the program had to be canceled this year due to the pandemic. But, he was also excited about its return in March 2022.

The Global Poker Awards focus on crowning the Best Poker Player of the year depending on the Global Poker Index. Other major crowns include one to a Female Poker Player of the year, Best Tournament, Poker ICON Award, and Player’s Choice Award for an all-around poker player of the year.

According to the President of PokerGO, who is also a 2018 inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame, Mori Eskandani said that the Global Poker Awards program focuses on recognizing and celebrating the most elite poker players that make notable changes to the poker industry. Mori also said that PokerGO aimed at giving credit to everyone who makes outstanding changes to sports claiming that holding the Global Poker Awards at his studio for the next three years would allow them to achieve their mission.

More about the Awards

The Global Poker Awards first came into being in 2019 when European Poker Awards and American poker awards joined to make a single entity. Initially, American Poker Awards was launched in 2015, lasting four years before partnering with its sister. The European Poker Awards has a longer history dating back to 15 years before 2016, when it last held the event.

Although there will be no global poker awards in 2021, we can hope for better days to come. With presidents of both PokerGO and Global Poker Index assuring poker fans of the program’s return in 2022, we have something to look up to. But, the industry must see through various events with winners becoming good enough for the Global Poker Awards.

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