GGPoker Is Set to Reveal a New and Unique Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival Game

GGPoker Is Set to Reveal a New and Unique Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival Game

GGPoker is slated to reveal a new and unique sit-and-go variant. The name game will go by Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival and will allow 100 players at a go.

Battle Royale will be available in four low-stakes buy-in levels, with 100 players winning and losing their way to the final table. The game is different because it borrows other practical concepts from other poker games.

These include all-in mechanics, time-gated play, knockout bounties, fast-fold. This combination creates a high-level skill game triggering high adrenaline yet low in rake.

GGPoker’s new game is one of the best at this time. It is neatly packaged, feature incredible design, and a slick brand. The game uses the controversial Dan Bilzerian as its face because his brand is ideal for the game’s format.

This will be the first time GGPoker is using its brand ambassador dan since the last promotion. He last promoted a standalone birthday competition and deposit bonus offer last year, shortly after signing up. In this new promotion, Bilzerian appears in the games banner with a slogan, “Who will be the last one standing?”

Considering the game uses a different concept and has top-notch polish, GGPoker expects Battle Royale to be a big hit. There will also be multiple rewards for players who will create new tactics and adapt to the new game’s format.

More About Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival

According to GGPoker, the Battle Royale Tournament will be a fierce one-hour-long competition. In addition, it will be available in no-limit hold ’em format.

The Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival will play out as a progressive knockout format. This means half of one player’s buy-in will go to the challenger who knocks the player out.

Another thing about this game is that buy-ins will be available in $0.25, $1, $3, and $10. A game will start with a 15-minutes time for each of the first two stages.

The first stage will comprise 100 players playing fast-fold until 50 players are left to proceed to stage two. If more than 50 players remain at the end of the first stage, those who will finish above 50 will be removed depending on the number of chips. The second will feature a shootout with all-in mode when the allocated 15 minutes are exceeded.

Then, there will be a final table featuring ten players for a regular knockout with five minutes chess clock. This means each player at the final table will have a maximum of five minutes to make a decision. Instead of using blinds, each player will get a predetermined number of hands at each level.

The operator will not promote final table dealing to ensure excitement. However, all players reaching the final table will get a portion of all collected prize money.

The Inspiration Behind the Upcoming Release

Battle Royale is a name derived from a video game design going by a similar name. The format is popular as it is in Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds games.

The format in these games is first-person shooters, where players unfold their skills on an island until one winner is left. The format is famous among live streamers.

GGPoker is adapting the format into their poker version of Battle Royale. It will require a player to survive through a six-table in the first stage before proceeding to the second and final table to win.

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