Galfond Discusses Changes to His Online Poker Platform

Before Phil Galfond launched an online poker platform, he was talking about it for days on his blog. All the promises he made came true after he successfully launched the Run It Once poker site, which immediately attracted numerous poker lovers who were able to test their skills and luck using the cutting-edge software.

However, all poker platforms on the web strive towards perfection and want their users to be satisfied with the way things work, and that’s why they change from time to time.

One of the latest things that Galfond and his team decided to change is in the rewards system. They named it Legends. Moreover, they added some changes to the existing rewards system called Splash the Pot. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Splash The Pot

First of all, you need to know how Splash the Pot works. Basically, the system automatically adds antes that are anywhere between one and 1,000 BBs to the table. The player who wins the hand gets to win the Splash the Pot bonus as well. Now, let’s see the changes.

One of the most important changes about Splash The Pot is the reduction of rakeback from 51 percent to 30 percent.

Moreover, all players will have an opportunity to compete for splashes that have 100 BBs or even more. They could do so and not risk any of their chips. If there’s a splash that is 100 BBs or more, all players who are dealt into the hand will be automatically all-in for nothing.

The change here is that the best hand will win 70 percent of the splash, and the rest will be distributed to other players. This way, everyone will win something.


The second thing that Galfond and his team changed on the platform is the introduction of a weekly rewards program simply called “Legends.” You can be awarded up to 45 percent rakeback every week. Combined with the Splash the Pot feature, you can get rakeback that can go up to 75 percent.

The Legends program consists of a total of five tiers, and each tier is further divided into five levels. You get to earn points as you progress through levels, and improve your chances of winning higher rakeback. Every €0.05 in gross rake will result in one point.

Run It Once poker is a great site. However, there’s one small issue for it, especially if you are from the United States — it is currently not available there due to legal complications. However, with the legalization of online poker in many states, Run It Once could actually penetrate the US market and offer its services to the citizens of the United States.

However, if you live in other parts of the world, make sure to check whether you can access Run It Once Poker. Alternatively, you can see which poker sites are available in your area and check out their respective rewards programs. Many poker platforms on the web actually try to stay as competitive as possible, so the introduction of similar rewards systems could arrive on many competitor sites soon.

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