Full Tilt Poker – $240k Dirty Online Poker River Beat

The $300/$400 No Limit Holdem Table saw some crazy action today at Full Tilt Poker. DaElvis, (online poker player) was involved in a hand against tie53 heads up. tie53 is a newcomer to the high stakes poker tables at Full Tilt. As PokerNews writer, Erik Sylven so eloquently put it since his debut tie53 has made quite the name for himself as a “true maniac”.

FTOPS VIOver the last few weeks Tie53 and DaElvis have battled over the poker table several times, including today in a hand worth more two hundred and forty thousand dollars ($240,000.00). Tie53 raised to 1,800.00 from the button, DaElvis re-raised bringing the bet up to $6,000.00, Tie53 re-raised the re-raise. $16,800 is now the bet. DaElvis made the call.

The flop brought 6h 2s and 2h. DaElvis checked his hand, tie53 bet out $18,600. DaElvis raised. DaElvis raised the bet to $40,800.00. Tie53 moved over the top, all of his chips for $129,199. DaElvis made the call.

tie53 had less than a 10% chance of winning the hand when the players cards were shown. tie53 was dominated holding jd-jc against DaElvis’ pocket Queens, (a diamond and a spade).

The turn card fell, a blank 3 of hearts, still leaving DaElvis searching for one of three jacks in the deck, now with less than a five percent chance of winning the hand. tie53 found his miracle card on the river, when the Jack of spades hit the virtual felt. A major suck out and huge win for the new full tilt poker high stakes player.

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