Full Tilt Online Poker $750,000 Guarenteed Weekly Tournament Results 8-27-07

Full Tilt LogoNearly 4,000 poker players showed up to play the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guaranteed prize pool tournament this week. Even with this large number of players though, they barely covered the tournaments guaranteed prize, with a total prize pool of $756,800.00. The poker tournament paid out a total of 522 winning players, with first place paying out $133,991.44.

TAHUR5 came to final table as the chip leader, holding a two to one chip lead over NCSUBODOG, who became the first player to make his way from the final table of the tournament, to the rail… via bad beat. NCSUBODOG held the dreaded rockets, all in against Martine23’s pocket kings.

Everything went as one would expect on the flop, aces ahead, Martime23 likely cursing the bad luck that dealt him Kings to Aces. His fate was quick to change though, when the King of clubs fell on the river, crippling NCSUBODOG. He made some failed efforts at re accumulating his lost chips until his AQ off suite came up against spirit619’s pocket queens. The ladies took down the pot, NCSUBODOG finished the tournament in 9th place winning $10,141.12.

southside1 makes a move, he pushes all of his chips to the middle with a big ace, the Ace of Spades, with the Jack of Hearts. He doesn’t just get called, both Sugar D and spirit619 make the call. spirit619 turns over pocket sixes, Sugar D flips over Suited K7 – hearts. The flop 5D, 6S 3H giving sugar his set of 6’s. The turn was blank, and the river, the Ave of hearts came to little and to late to help southside1 who went out in 8th place for a $13,622.40 win.

SlmPickens busted Martine23’s pocket tens sending him to the rail, with a flush. Shortly thereafter he found himself looking at another pair of pocket tens. SlmPickens held an Ace of Diamonds , 4 of clubs for a kicker and was all in. spirit619 had the tens, and Sugar D who also had all his chips in the pot, showed pocket sixes.

spirit619 had both all in players covered. The flop:

3 of Spades
3 of Clubs
4 of Hearts

This improved SlmPickens hand a bit, giving him a pair of 4’s but he still had some work cut out for him to win the hand, needing another 4, or an ace to avoid the trip to the rail.

The turn and river, both Kings, no help to either al in player, spirit619 takes them both out, one shot, and pulls in the pot, two pair, tens and kings.

And then there were three.

pokachump chopped spirit619 down in third place, leaving pokachump and TAHUR5 to battle it out heads up. 20 minutes of push and pull ensued. pokachump held the chip lead, when heads up play began, but it was a slight lead and TAHUR5 took it. They passed chips, and the chiplead back and forth, and then things got interesting. The board held the eight and nine of spades and the five of hearts. Both players flopped big hands. TAHUR5 got top two with 8’s and 9’s, and pokachump flopped a straight, the nut straight.

Both players dumped their money into the pot, TAHUR5 didn’t make a boat, the straight held up, and pokachump took 1st place in the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 tournament raking in $133,991.44.

Full Tilt Poker Final Table Payouts:

  1. $133,991.44: pokachump
  2. $80,977.60: TAHUR5
  3. $52,976: spirit619
  4. $41,775.36: Sugar D
  5. $31,331.52: SlmPickens
  6. $23,233.76: Martine23
  7. $17,406.40: sanex21
  8. $13,622.40: southside1
  9. 10,141.12: NCSUBODOG
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