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After launching Fast BLAST tournaments in June, it seems 888poker was working on something new titled Flopomania. Around three weeks ago, a new gaming option popped up at the online poker room with the name Flopomania. 888poker had accidentally released the new game without meaning to and a few players got to try it out before it was removed. This past weekend, 888 released the game officially with players ready to give the new option a try.

Like a standard poker game, Flopomania basically operates like regular poker, except at the very beginning. With Flopomania, pre-flop betting is not a factor. Players are dealt the hole cards and the flop right away. Once the flop is seen then the betting can begin. The process continues normal from here but certainly gives players a better advantage.

How many times have you not played your hand due to crap hole cards, only to find that you flopped a full house on the river or quads. Players who know the game of poker will bet a certain way based on their hole cards with the flop being an unknown variable. By not betting until after the flop is revealed, it can give you an advantage based on the cards you hold and what showed up on the flop.

The game was created to bring action to the table, keeping players engaged and entertained. In a standard Texas Hold’em game, many players will fold pre-flop. With Flopomania, 888poker should see more players taking part in the action as they get to see the flop.

888 has also decided to offer a second version of Flopomania which is called Push or Fold. With this version, players will have a set ‘push’ amount that can be bet just once. And with fold, players of course have the option to fold.

The game seems to be becoming popular at the online poker site. Players certainly enjoy having something new to explore while visiting their favorite online poker room.

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