Electronic Poker Tables Could Increase Revenue for Casinos

Electronic Poker TableOver the past few years, poker has become increasingly popular. The World Series of Poker being televised on ESPN and many pop culture items becoming more readily available have boomed the poker market. As wonderful as this all sounds it is a pain for casinos. Players want to play poker and win they bet against other players it brings a relatively small amount of money to the casino. This soon could change.

In North Carolina there is a company starting up that will provide electronic poker tables that will be called PokerPros. Live dealers are not needed and the tables will soon be available in Nevada. The tables were first introduced in 2005. Lyle Berman, casino executive and poker pro, developed the tables but has had a hard time convincing Nevada casinos to use his idea.

The reason behind this is that Strip casinos are having difficulties. Dealers are gathering together from other casinos and organizing under the Transport Workers Union. The Wynn Las Vegas has a tip-sharing policy and other dealers want in. It is believed that casino executives are worried that if they introduce tables that do not need live dealers, their dealer employees would be angry.

It may be a few years before Nevada adds the tables to their casinos but eventually it will catch on. People are interested in playing quickly. The tables on PokerPros provides that service. Players rarely interact with dealers anyway so it really wouldn’t be any different except for the dealer’s side.

The PokerPro table can deal around 40 hands an hour while most dealers will do around 25 to 30. The PokerPro would also increase a casino’s revenue by around 60%. Also on PokerPro there is side bets available that will give casino better returns.

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