Doug Polk Is Ahead of 38 Players in a $3,000 Main Event at The Lodge Championship Series

Doug Polk Is Ahead of 38 Players in a $3,000 Main Event at The Lodge Championship Series

May 23 was the second day of The Lodge Championship Series €3,000 Main Event. Its action wrapped up early in the morning as the starting field of 259 entrants was reduced to 39 players only at The Lodge Poker Club. Doug Polk led the remaining players with 2,755,000 chips when the event ended.

The poker pro had a stunning performance in the morning but began to heat up when he sent Thomas Penza packing. A queen-high and two-spade flop caused Penza to jam queen-six of spades as Polk used ace-queen to call.

Polk dropped Penza and got more chips. His stack continued to grow after he eliminated Thong Nguyen, hence getting the largest pot that day. Alain Bauer followed Polk closely as he caught most spectators’ attention in the evening.

Bauer pulled in several consecutive pots and had 1,945,000 when the day ended. Stephen Song used an aggressive style to increase his chips early in the day. Luck appeared to be on his side when he made a flush check-raise against Bin Weng and got paid off.

Song took the pot and continued playing at night. He ended the day with a 1,895,000 stack.

The Top 10 Stacks on Day 2 of the $3,000 Main Event

  • Doug Polk from Las Vegas, Nevada, had 2,755,000 chips and 138 big blinds
  • Alain Bauer had 1,945,000 chips and 97 big blinds
  • Stephen Song from West Palm Beach, Florida, had 1,895,000 chips and 95 big blinds
  • Farid Jattin from Barranquilla, Florida, had 1,485,000 chips and 74 big blinds
  • Nir Cohen from Brooklyn, New York, had 1,440,000 chips and 72 big blinds
  • Alex Keating from Saratoga, California, had 1,370,000 chips and 69 big blinds
  • Steven Rivero from Hialeah, Florida, had 1,295,000 chips and 65 big blinds
  • Andreas Ioakimides from Ballwin, Missouri, had 1,215,000 chips and 61big blinds
  • Wendy Nguyen from Dublin, Ohio, had 1,135,000 chips and 57 big blinds
  • Schuyler Thornton from Corpus Christi, Texas, had 1,075,000 chips and 54 big blinds

A few heavy-stakers had incredible performances on Day 2, including Farid Jattin, Event No. 10 $5,000 High Roller runners-up, who was in fourth place before Day 3, as Nir Cohen was fifth in the chip stacks after doubling Andreas Ioakimides.

The former pushed a flush draw but missed it, and Cohen used the top two to snap. He got 1,440,000 chips and can exceed his best $110,955 cash prize by finishing among the top four players.

Jattin Seeks a Deep LCS Run

There were 259 entries at the beginning of Dy 2 out of the initial 617 players. Yet, the bubble started looming in the evening after dinner. Badr Imejjane had a pair of kings on Level 17 when he pushed his chips to the middle.

Nguyen was on Imejjane’s left side, and he held a pair of aces. But the former didn’t crack the bullets as the other players were in for the money.

Several eliminations saw many players leave the table, including Elliot Smith, Andrew Neeme, Brian Green, Brett Murray, and Guilebaldo Flores.

Smith won $8,000 after finishing 42nd, Neeme received $7,400 after finishing 52nd, Green got $7,400 after finishing 48th, Murray finished 70th and won $6,600, while Flores finished 62nd and won $7,000.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Position 1-$417,800
  2. Position 2-$277,000
  3. Position 3-$194,400
  4. Position 4-$142,000
  5. Position 5-$105,200
  6. Position 6-$78,600
  7. Position 7-$59,600
  8. position 8-$45,400
  9. position 9-$35,000
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