Disgraced Former UB COO Paul Leggett Now a Key Exec at Amaya?

Paul LeggettIn a surprise report from EGR Magazine, it looks like Paul Leggett, the disgraced former COO at Ultimate Bet, has risen from the ashes of gaming purgatory.  After laying relatively low after Black Friday, Leggett has now resurfaced at Amaya Gaming, which oversees the Ongame Network.

His official title at Amaya is now Head of Online Gaming. The news has left many people in the industry scratching their heads and many former players disgusted with the revelation via EGR.  Poker pro Todd Witteles  of PokerFraudAlert.com had this to say regarding Leggett’s appointment:

“I don’t understand how these scumbags who were instrumental in the major scandal coverups keep getting hired for current poker jobs. Are there that few qualified candidates without baggage applying for these positions?”

Leggett, who had no involvement in the superuser cheating scandal that plagued Ultimate Bet in 2007-2008, was both the COO and a company figurehead for Tokwiro Enterprises, which owned UB/AP after the cheating accusations were confirmed several years ago.  However, he continually lied about the state of UB afterwards, stating in an interview:

“We just inherited this problem and we’re doing everything we can to fix it and satisfy the public. We’re trying to rebuild the brand, rebuild trust, and show that we’re secure. The business has never benefited from any one of these instances of cheating. It’s only suffered.”

The above statement doesn’t even begin to tell of the fall from grace Ultimate Bet would later experience once Black Friday came along in 2011.  Leggett defended the brand to the very end, even though it was very clear the site itself was already experiencing financial pitfalls even BEFORE the DOJ indicted the company and confiscated countless millions from USA player accounts in April 2011.

As of the publication of our story, the assets of both UB and AP are still in the process of liquidation, with no specific timeframe on whether USA players will ever see a dime of their money that was seized by the Department of Justice.


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