Daniel Dvoress Wins 2020 WSOP Online Event #48, and $1,489,289

Remember last week’s article where Dvoress was mentioned as a candidate to win a huge weekend event? A player that has never played the WSOP Bracelet, but making a rare appearance? Yes, you probably do. And if you read that, you had a feeling he would do well.

And that is exactly what happened, as Daniel Dvoress just could not be slowed down, on his way to winning nearly $1.5 million. The summer is usually reserved for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and mountain biking for him, but the different circumstances had him on the poker circuit again on his high horse.

He had been one of the most accomplished players without a WSOP Gold, and had dubbed himself as the “king of finishing between second and seventh.” This one had to feel good.

More on the Win

Dvoress beat out the 6,299-player field to capture his first-ever Gold. He was one of two Canadian players to finish within the top four, as Michael “MrFabulous” Nugent ended up in fourth, with a total of $556,096.

Dvoress is a player that under most circumstances, would not find himself in a situation to pick up a win as big as this. He’s had many six-figure ones before, this one now is the most lucrative for him. He mentioned that this would be a way for him to also leave his mark on the WSOP forever.

And when you look at it now, he came, he saw, he conquered. His goal was to beat out over 6,200 other players, and that’s just what happened. He won an additional $100,000 in a bracelet bet with Daniel Negreanu as well. So he left with even more. It was a weekend to celebrate for Daniel Dvoress.

Securing the Victory

The game had been getting close near the finish, with Caio Almeida right on his tail. As soon as he realized he was in trouble, he went and won the next four hands uncontested to add enough distance to get to the finish.

He fell with a queen-jack against his eights in what was one of the biggest pots of the tournament. And not too long after, he was able to knock out two players. And Almeida would follow shortly after in the losers circle. Dvoress was the last man standing.

He finished up with a king-queen combo to beat out Almeida’s king-eight. And Dvoress’ opponent was able to also secure a $1 million+ prize in second place due to the $9 million pot. So Almeida can’t be too mad here.

Daniel Dvoress, the Champion

Now that he has finally captured WSOP gold for the first time, the trophy case gets a nice add. But this does not mean that he will potentially come back and compete. The stoppage of everything for several months due to the pandemic gave him an incentive to play.

But if he does opt to continue to partake in these huge events, players will be more on guard next time. He’s an unknown no longer. Daniel Dvoress, the champion, is here.

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