Concerns Raised Following Negreanu’s Allegations About Poker Players Handing over Fake Vaccination Cards During 2021 WSOP

Concerns Raised Following Negreanu’s Allegations About Poker Players Handing over Fake Vaccination Cards During 2021 WSOP

The biggest live poker tournament in the world is about to begin in Rio Las Vegas. Several days before the 2021 WSOP debut, a Canadian pro poker player Daniel Negreanu has raised concerns over players showing fake vaccination cards to play a poker match.

Negreanu voiced the concern during the DAT Poker Podcast. Daniel said he had seen Rob Mizrachi and Will Failla pass fake vaccination cards at the Wynn. Although his comment went unnoticed for a while, the 2plus2 forum finally aired the allegation earlier this week. Negreanu also noted that Failla wanted to pass the Pandemic video featuring conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccination Mandate for Attending Players

WSOP has outlined several restrictions that players must meet before attending the 2021 WSOP events. One of these is that a player must be vaccinated 14 days before attending an event.
Players must also show proof of their vaccination. If one is not able to show proof, they will not participate in the 2021 WSOP. Although players have criticized this policy, WSOP stands with its decision.

Players Are Looking for Fake Vaccination Cards

Millions of people across the world are opposing the coronavirus vaccine, including poker players. But, these players realize that without being vaccinated, they might miss out on several privileges, including playing live poker at Rio.

Thus, they are taking other measures, such as getting fake vaccination cards for money. This business is doing well in Asia and now in the United States.

Daniel Negreanu brought to light the fake vaccination card concept on a podcast. The poker hall of fame member said he had seen Mizrachi and Failla from where he was seated at Wynn handing out vaccination cards on the down-low.

The poker community was not happy about the two players’ actions. Mizrachi had to respond to the allegation via his Twitter account that had not been active for over a year. He apologized to his fans, though he was not clear.

In his tweet, Mizrachi thanked @RealKidPoker for clarifying his case too. He added that he was fully vaccinated and was confident he would win a bracelet this year.

Still, his followers did not take his apologies. Instead, they asked Mizrachi to offer more details about filling out fake vaccination cards. But, Mizrachi has yet to come up with an update.

On the other hand, Failla did not comment on the issue. He is currently 53years old, with $6 million in earnings from poker tournaments. Negreanu and Forumite “Mench” believes Failla has another hobby except for playing poker.

In fact, Mench wrote that he had played a private game with Failla and could confirm Failla was selling blank or fake vaccine cards.

Negreanu Warned WSOP Might Ban Players for Life

Negreanu warned poker players from trying to issue a fake vaccination during the 2021 WSOP. He said players were likely to get a lifetime ban from attending any WSOP events if caught passing a fake vaccination card.

But, WSOP is yet to release any statement regarding players passing fake vaccine cards for real ones. Moreover, there is no information on how it will plant it out if it catches anyone trying to pass fake cards.

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