Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Adds New “Quick Seat” Feature

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Over the past few years, the online poker industry has seen a shift, from caring more about the professional player to reaching out to recreational players. Changes have been made by several top brands in order to cater to the everyday player rather than the professional player.

Bodog and its subsequent USA-branded poker room, Ignition, is one example of how a recreational poker model has been used to change the way the game is played. Bodog has made changes in the past, such as bringing in all-anonymous tables, so that pros could not use hand data in order to take advantage of others.

The brand has now made yet another change that will protect players and level the playing field by adding in the Quick Seat feature to cash games.

The Quick Seat feature will allow players to join cash games more quickly. Players can use the feature to join a table immediately based on set parameters. With this addition, players will lose access to table data, which will be beneficial to the recreational player as info cannot be used against them by the more advanced players.

Most individuals do not realize the lengths that sharks can go to in order to take advantage of the average player. There are individuals who will buy hand-data by using a player’s screenname and then use the information in order to make a quick buck. This is essentially stealing and is not something that you want to happen to you.

The goal of the Quick Seating at Bodog, along with the anonymous tables and other changes, are to level the playing field, so everyone has the same advantage. With this new change, Bodog is offering a safety net of sorts to all players as they enjoy online poker gaming without being threatened by players who use nefarious means to get ahead.

The Quick Seating feature has also been added to Ignition Poker and Bovada, as each poker room uses the same software.

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