Benjamin Juhasz and Zhen Cai Win Titles at the PokerGO Tour PLO Series II

Benjamin Juhasz and Zhen Cai Win Titles at the PokerGO Tour PLO Series II

Benjamin Juhasz and Zhen Cai Win Titles at the PokerGO Tour PLO Series II

The PokerGO Tour(PGT) PLO Series II has engaged hundreds of players from different countries and states. Benjamin Juhasz and Zhen Cai won its two last tournaments.

Benjamin Juhasz Is the $10,000 PLO Event’s Champion

Juhasz has been in great form in the PLO Series II as he bagged twice before signing up for Event No.7:$10,000 PLO. His unique playing style helped him advance to the tournament’s final day on Saturday.

The player had a small chip advantage over Joni Jounkimainen when the final table’s action kicked off. Juhasz made daring moves from the first level which earned him more chips.

He eliminated Matthew Wantman in the sixth position after his flopped two pair dominated his opponent’s card. Juhasz later sent Zhen Cai packing in the fifth position.

Juhasz’s busted Joao Simao and Jounkimainen in fourth and third place respectively. He stunned his rail when he kicked off his heads-up action against Jim Collopy with an almost 10:1 chip advantage.

Collopy’s run at the table didn’t last for long as odds were against them. He staked 300,000 chips prompting Juhasz to call and revealed the 10-7-5 flop.

The latter increased pressure at the table by placing a pot wager that made Collopy place an all-in call. Collopy had K-J-9-8 for an open-ended straight draw with two over cards while Juhasz held Q-10-2-2 for flopped pair.

The latter had to fade several cards. Collopy finished as the runner-up with $141,900 after the ace on the river and trey on the turn failed to improve his stack.

The Top Finalists’ Scores

Benjamin Juhasz from Hungary-$206,400
Jim Collopy from the U.S.-$141,900
Joni Jounkimainen from finland-$107,500
Joao Simao from brazil-$86,000
Zhen Cai from the U.S.-$68,800
Matthew Wantman from the U.S.-$51,600

The $10,000 PLO Hi/Lo Event Earns Zhen Cai $176,000

Event No. 8 10,000 PLO Hi/Lo attracted many skilled players including Zhen Cai who clashed with Juhasz in Event No.7. the former made a few changes in his playing strategy that helped him get the vital chip lead when he reached the tournament’s final table.

His four main opponents were Adam Hendrix, Nick Schulman, Jesse Lonis and Ryan Rapaski. Cai held 2.135 million chips while Rapaski followed him on the leaderboard with 1.325 million chips.

Even so, Cai eliminated Hendrix in the fifth position. Rapaski busted Schulman in fourth place and Cai ended Lonis’ run in the third position. Lonis’ exit set a tough match between Rapaski and Cai.

Rapaski had a 5,425,000:1,450,000 chip advantage over Cai. Nevertheless, the latter sent the former packing in second place with $115,500 in two hands. Rapaski’s A-10-9-2 lost to Cai’s 8-8-5-3 on the Q-9-3-3-5 board.

What Were the Final Table’s Prizes?

Zhen Cai from the U.S.-$176,000
Ryan Rapaski from the U.S.-$115,500
Jesse Lonis from the U.S.-$77,000
Nick Schulman from the U.S.-$55,000
Adam Hendrix from the U.S.-$44,000

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