Absolute Poker Joe Norton Releases Statement

Joe Norton, former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, and current owner Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG sent out a statement regarding the allegations of insider cheating, and security breaches that occurred at Absolute Poker.

The first notable comment in the statement is that Absolute Poker is owned by the 100% interest held by the Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG, which is owned by Joe Norton.

In his letter, addressed to the players of Absolute Poker, though not received by any Absolute Poker players 4flush.com has spoken to, made a few points.

“Dear AP Player:

I am the former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake and the owner of Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG, which holds a 100% interest in Absolute Poker.” the letter begins, just before the admission comes, Absolute Pokers security was breached, Norton continues stating, “As many of our players are aware, there has been a security breach in our system that allowed unlawful access to player information that resulted in unfair play. I am writing to you today to let you know what we know so far in order to set the record straight, and to assure you of AP’s commitment to player security. I am sure that this letter will not address all of the questions and concerns you may have, nor will it extinguish the heated discussion surrounding this issue. At this point, our intention is to let you know all we can disclose and to assure you of our continued efforts to keep you informed as best we can as the investigations continue.”

Norton also admits that some of the theory’s shared by online poker players, and some of the facts proven by players investigations were accurate, some he says, were not. “several websites and hundreds and hundreds of comments, opinions, and theories of what occurred – some of which are accurate, and some that are not.”

It’s also implied that there may be officials looking into the matter with the authority to officially discipline the crooks.

According to Norton, cheated Absolute Poker players will be repaid any losses “as soon as our [Absolute Poker] audit is finished and the amounts are determined”. Investigations into the incident are being handled by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Gaming Access, and other “authorized authorities” Norton responded reassuringly.

As reported earlier by 4flush.com staff, an audit by Gaming Associates “an acknowledged world-wide expert in audits, interactive gaming tests, and information security” is underway.

“Based upon our preliminary findings, it appears that the integrity of our poker system was compromised by a high-ranking trusted consultant employed by AP.” Joe Norton

Norton explains that, “As has been speculated in several online forums, this consultant devised a sophisticated scheme to manipulate internal systems to access third-party computers and accounts to view hole cards of other customers during play without their knowledge.”

The statement reveals that Absolute Poker has not recovered all of the cash cheated out of their players, however, according to the statement from Joe Norton all players that lost cash as a result of the scheme will be repaid. As for when, no specific date was named, “We will pay for all losses suffered by the affected players as soon as our audit is finished and the amounts are determined.”

Norton does not know yet if this ‘consultant’ was independent or working as a part of a team. The ‘consultant’ is not named, likely for legal reasons, though there are some reports, as well as speculation circulating the poker world as to who the unnamed ‘consultant’ might be.

Though there is vast speculation within the industry:

“This person was the second in charge and has been fired from Absolute Poker, and his one superior Scott Tom is going to be removed from running AP for a significant period of time. For legal reasons the Absolute Poker release is not going to specifically name this person, and I will elaborate on that fact and why it makes perfect sense. Most of us know this persons name already as it has already been widely reported.” – Pocketfives.com

Gambling 911 then followed up with a very interesting news story, “Who is Aj Green”

“Today, the regulatory body licensing Absolute Poker released a statement and all eyes now seem to be focusing on one AJ Green, who had previously been employed as a manager at Nine.com and as a former Vice President of Operations at Absolute Poker. He is said to also be close friends with another suspect in the Absolute Poker scandal, Scott Tom.

Many have said AJ Green is still with Nine.com in Costa Rica even though that company was moved to the Netherlands Antilles last year and most of its management staff were either let go or moved to Curacao. ”

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