Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Remission Process to Exceed $30m

Back in April, it was announced that the Garden City Group would be handling the remissions process for former customers of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. Players could file a claim for compensation and the GCG would review the information. Just this past week, it was announced that the Department of Justice has approved the first round of payments for former members of both online poker sites with more than $30m to be processed.

The Garden City Group announced that they will be distributing payments to 7,400 petitioners in the amount of almost $33.5 million. A deadline was set for June for the first set of payments. Players now have until September 7th to file a claim and this seems to be the final deadline in order to receive any monies that players were not given when Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet shut down after Black Friday.

Players located in the United States will receive their payment via electronic ACH. Any former members located outside of the US will be given a foreign currency check. Payment can also be made via foreign currency wire or USD check depending on the location of the individual.

Emails have reportedly been sent to petitioners who have been approved for payment with the amount of payment to be sent and the payment method. Instructions were also be included in the email for submitting banking information.

The Garden City Group is the claims administrator handling the remissions process for the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet former players. The name will sound familiar to some as the company was also behind the remissions process for Full Tilt Poker. Former customers of Full Tilt were given around $118 million in repayments.

Any former Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet player who might be owed money can visit the site set up for the remissions process. Absolutepokerclaims.com provides all the information players need to file a claim.

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