A Look Back to Jamie Gold’s Big Win in 2006

With the World Series of Poker in Vegas being canceled this year, it is an excellent opportunity to look back through history to a monumental win from 2006. August 10, 2006, was a great day to be Jamie Gold.

His run to the top was extremely impressive, as he was a big underdog, who nobody was expecting to go out and pick up a win. He wasn’t a tactical genius and was lacking in the experience category when compared to his opponents. He was basically in a league of his own, the over-looked players.

He ended up with all of the chips, plus $12 million. They even rewrote the rules after the fact as a response to his cajoling methods.

What Went Down

One of Gold’s first televised hands at the event was a simple but effective check-raise bluff on a paired board with just six-high. He had no pair and also no draw. The way his bluff made it on to the camera and how he executed it showed us just what type of player he was. He acknowledged that his opponent had a king and that “he didn’t want to go out like this.”

He continued with his style and his talk, something his opponents were totally unprepared for. He mentioned how shocked he was that his opponent caught him, playing mind games with his opponents and trying to lull them into his trap. Giving them a sense of security that was not there was a crucial part of his strategy.

As he continued to knock players out, he mentioned his hand, saying how much he loved it and offering it to another opponent. It was just yet another trap played perfectly by Jamie Gold to fool his opposition.

The Finish

At the end of the match, Gold was left to face Paul Wasicka. A massive shove with top pair of queens against pocket tens. And this move got his opponent to say that “You’ve talked me into it.” Just what Gold had hoped to hear.

And with that, he was able to come out victorious. This unknown player came in and delivered a victory on the biggest stage. A $12 million win for a player that the pool was not taking seriously. Truly incredible how he made things happen. Jamie Gold was a Goldmine.

The Jamie Gold Rule

After Gold’s win, there was a change to the rulebook. Players were no longer allowed to disclose the contents of live or folded cards. Players were not able to run their mouths in the same away anymore, obviously changing things up.

Jamie Gold is forever a part of history for all of his antics that led him to his historic victory. He employed a strategy you may see in the movies of players just trying to be slick and talk their way to victory. But no more.

Fourteen years ago, on August 10, Jamie Gold made history. And he’s forever a part of it now.

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