A Deep Look At Influential Women in Poker – Kate Hoang

If you are not a poker player or enthusiast, it is probably difficult for you to give a female name that’s famous in the world of poker. Although there is only between 5 to 10 percent of women playing poker professionally, there are some of them who are extremely successful.

The awesome thing about Poker is that there is no gender division as it does not require physical strength, only mental. That’s why competitions here are always playing together regardless of their gender, but somehow we get to see mainly men playing it.


Kate Hoang is one of the poker players that managed to achieve some significant results and has a great poker resume. She has competed in the Omaha tournaments four times so far, and she has proven herself as a big player who can compete with the best out there. Recently, she managed to find her way and be third in the Event #4: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better. It was not easy as there were a total of 911 players who started this event.

Hoang admitted to being very nervous, although her concern was practically invisible. Her heads-up battle was really good, and it lasted for 3+ hours.

This was not the first time Hoang achieved such an outstanding result. In 2016, she managed to finish on the second place, after Kyle Bowker in a tournament called $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better.

Kate showed great respect to her fellow players stating that all of them had been playing for a long time and that it was their time to win. She also said that she had learned much from her opponents.
On the other hand, the other male players are pretty much amazed at the way Hoang played her cards and how unpredictable and innovative she actually was during the tournament. Julien Martini even stated that she was very difficult to play as she was such a great opponent with unconventional tactics.

When asked about pieces of advice for other female players, Hoang stated that women have the advantage when playing poker as the male players usually think they were too tight or just simply do not take them seriously. Hoang stated that it could be used as a good sign because the bluff was better then.

Hoang is not done in the World Series of Poker, and she is the one to keep an eye on as she already has huge potential and great tactics which she proved last time. It should also be interesting to watch how a female player ranks up in the Omaha fields which is a male-dominated poker tournament.

Is poker going to become more open to women and are there enough women interested in playing this card game professionally? Well, there certainly are some who are doing a great job, and this could further popularize Poker among the female population.

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