2021 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event for $1.5 Million Is Over With “CrazzyLissy” Scooping the Championship

2021 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event for $1.5 Million Is Over With "CrazzyLissy" Scooping the Championship

The 2021 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is finally over. The last event was the No-Limit Hold ’em Main Event that needed $5,200 buy-in. Two professional players battled for the championship, proving the match was nothing but entertaining and intense.


The second last hand leading to the end of the race was a classic preflop. The second-place winner, Pascal ‘Pass_72’ Lefrancois, led in chips but had less than one big blind. He had A hearts, J clubs which was no better than CrazzyLissy’s 10 hearts, 10 clubs. This difference could have been why the payout was almost half a million-dollar difference between CrazzyLissy’s and Lefrancois’s.


Lefrancois flopped top pair and a straight draw. However, CrazyLissy retains their lead, with Lefrancois failing to improve their hand, taking second place with $1 069, 210. ‘CrazyLissy’ took the championship plus $1 499,942.

Yet, this was not the first time CrazyLissy’ won a WCOOP event. In 2019, they also won the No-Limit Hold ’em that needed a buy-in of $2,100.


$5,200 No-Limit Hold ’em


The $10,000,000 guaranteed event attracted 1,965 entries. The top 239 finishers won some money, with the last eight finalists winning six-figure payouts.

The event’s final day started with nine players, with an Australian player, Stevan’ random_chu’ Chew leading the group. The first to fall off the race was Tyler’ Juicy_j_Jardine, winning $99,997. The player’s A spades 4 spades did not match A clubs K clubs of ‘Rebel FishAK.


Chew eliminated ‘necgaidziai shortly after with their K diamonds and K clubs beat A clubs, J hearts of the eight placeholders. ‘necgaidziai pocketed $140,180.

‘LLinusLove’ Loeliger was among the top nine finishers. He finished in the seventh position when his A hearts J clubs did not beat A diamonds, 8 spades of Lefrancois.


‘LLinusLove’ called all-in with A-J high when his opponents showed his pair of eights. This did not change the river, but LLinusLove finished seventh with earnings of $196,792.

Markus’ playboy99999’Prinz followed soon after, taking the sixth position and earnings of $276,069. Chew eliminated him.


Chew went ahead and eliminated the next player, Marco’  marcozevola5′ Zevola, who had flopped top pair and a flush draw. He lost to turned trip sixes of Chew, taking the fifth position and $387,284.


With four players remaining, ‘CrazyLissy earned a pair of double-ups. He started with pockets threes flopping, which bets Chew’s pocket nines. The two went all-in with pocket aces, with Chew taking the leaderboard’s first place with A hearts, 2 hearts.


The lead then shifted between the other competitors. Then, ‘Rebel FishAK was eliminated after losing the preflop showdown. He had A club’s 10 hearts which ‘CrazyLissy’ beat with pocket jacks. Rebel pocketed $543,301.


The determined Chew was the next to leave the table under the hands of Lefrancois. He earned $762 169.

Lefrancois and ‘CrazyLissy’ remained for a heads-up play. The first player started with 309,873,684, while ‘CrazyLissy’ started with 181,376,316. ‘CrazyLissy’ doubled up with A-2 beating Lefrancois’s A-8.


The event led to the second last hand described at the start of this article, with the last hand being Q hearts 10 spades for Lefrancois and J diamonds 6 diamonds of ‘CrazyLissy.’ The board had J spades, 4 hearts, 4 clubs, 7 spades, 8 clubs. ‘CrazyLissy’ had jacks and fours, earning him the championship and $1,499,942.


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