1,500 Full Tilt Remission Petitions Denied

Full Tilt Poker The Garden City Group has continued to post updates on the remission process of poker funds to players who were former members of Full Tilt Poker in the United States. After the last announcement of payments in March, the GCG is now reporting that around 1,500 of the petitions filed have been denied. The federal government has denied specific petitions and these petitioners have a ten day time frame in which to appeal the decision.

The Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section informed the Garden City Group that 1,500 petitions had been denied. This information was made public on the 6th of May. A petitioner who was flagged for a denial of Full Tilt Poker funds will be notified via email. The spam and junk folder of petitioners should be checked to make sure the message was not missed. Petitions can be appealed but only within a 10 day time frame.

Back in March, GCG had stated that there were petitions that had deficiencies so one could assume that these are those petitions. The amount of money involved in the failed petitions has yet to be revealed. In March, the Garden City Group reported that 94% of the petitions filed have been paid. The amount of payment totals around $112 million.

The reasoning behind the denial of the petitions has yet to be revealed. It will be interesting to see if the information is made public, be it by a petitioner who was not paid or by the GCG.

In the meantime, Full Tilt is preparing to operate on the same network at PokerStars as the two will merge player liquidity on May 17th. The Full Tilt gaming platform will be retired permanently with players having access to more gaming options, higher prize pools and larger player traffic as game play takes place on the PokerStars network.

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