Player That Discovered Rigged GTech Games Caught Multi Accounting

In a strange twist to an odd story, the player that discovered irregularities in the Finsoft/Gtech games at Betfred was discovered to have violated the site’s terms and conditions.  The player did this by creating an account under his sister’s name with her permission.  The player claims that he did this to try and take advantage of a bonus on games that were advertised to pay back 100% to players but were not excluded from the casino’s bonus terms.  These games were Hi/Lo Gambler and Reel Deal.

It is unfortunate that the player that went public with the rigged games turned out to be what many consider to be a fraudster.  It may discredit the findings to the general public.  It should not though.  There are still plenty of questions that need to be answered.

First, this same software company was already caught offering rigged play money games in March 2012.  This was discovered in a similar high/low game called Triple Chance Hi/Lo where the play money game adapted to the player’s bets and produced an outcome that was not random.  The players could not tie on this game, which is the result that would cause a player to lose.  This rigged game was discovered on Stan James by a poster at GPWA.  It was later discovered at NordicBet as well.  NordicBet ran this game for nearly a year after it was discovered, an egregious error in most online gaming jurisdictions.

Online casinos and software companies may be motivated to rig play money games in a player’s favor to entice them to play for real money casino games where they do not have the same positive expectation.

The game had been rigged and untested for years on StanJames site.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority released this statement to Casinomeister:

The essence of the statement is this – this case is under active investigation and this investigation has already revealed that the bona fides and actions of one or more parties involved in this thread, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are not who they claim to be, have put false information on the thread, appear to have operated account(s) well outside the terms and conditions, and have refused to assist or co-operate in the investigation. He goes on to say that while it does appear that there were errors in the relevant games’ presentation, it is also apparent that there is much more to this case than at first appears, and any fair investigation has to take all relevant factors into account before reaching any conclusion…

Katie91 released an odd disclosure:

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all the members here, especially
Eliot Jacobson who spent a considerable amount of time investigating
these games. The truth is that I opened an account at Betfred on
behalf of my sister in an attempt to profit from bonuses on a 100% RTP
game. While I had her permission to do so, I accept that it was wrong.
I regret bringing the issue to light in this manner and accept that I
should instead have disclosed this directly to Betfred or the
regulator to get an explanation and a refund.

The regulator has explained to me that the discrepancy between the
games was due to human error in game updates, and not that the games
were ‘rigged’ and I fully understand and accept this explanation. I
now realise that my actions, though identifying an error, have
generated unwarranted criticism of Betfred, Spielo and Realistic Games
and caused a huge distraction for the regulator. I must stress that my
intention was only to get my money back and not to incite any
criticism towards these parties.

I would also like to clarify that I did not in any way profit from my play at Betfred nor was I aware of any flaw in the game before I started playing. The amount refunded was the exact amount of the deposits so there are no winnings resulting from this.

Many have been left to wonder what the motivation was by Katie91.  Did that person deposit just for the bonus?  Did they try and freeroll the casino knowing the game was rigged?  In that scenario, the player would either win or complain about the obviously rigged game and try to get their money back.

There are many questions about why so many online casinos thought to be legitimate are offering rigged games and flawed play money games that seem to have been known about for years.  Online casino experts have discovered that Betfred and Bet365 are still offering flawed games.

There is still more to this story and it is certain to come out slowly.  Stay tuned for updates.



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