2019 Favorite Casino Table Games in the US

When it comes to players’ top-rated real money casino US table games to play, this is the list for you. In the USA, these are the best table games around. With the best payouts and the most enjoyment, these games are the ones that are worth your time – ranked by players themselves.


1. Blackjack

This is the number one table game throughout America, its payouts are unbeatable. This game is made all that much more exciting through the chance at applying various strategies that give you a leg-up on your competition. There is something about having an opportunity to control your fate, even a small bit, that drives players crazy. A game of chance is nice for casual gameplay, but if you’re looking to win, then the chance to apply a strategy is grand.

2. Roulette

With the mention of games of chance, here is a runner up to the favorite US table game – Roulette. This game is left completely up to chance and the only strategies that players can apply involve how not to risk it all on one number. This exciting game allows players to double or multiply their chips substantially, but they’re in the hands of fate as there is no mathematical strategy to beat this game. The variations of this game are American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. Online play allows you access to any variation you like.

3. Craps

This table game has made this list due to the guaranteed fun that comes with playing it. Gaming on the roll of the dice is something else, the thrill is what players flock to as this game is all kinds of exciting. There are rewarding payouts that await players, but the level of enjoyment is typically what this game is played for. Like with any game of chance, the chance to hit it big motivates players and comes with a rush.

4. Poker

Poker’s not dead! Americans still love this classic table game. There’s nothing like getting skilled and being able to fool your opponents and rake in the well-earned chips. This game is one of the oldest on the list and has remained a staple in the casino industry since the very beginning. Knowing how to play poker and being good at it is an impressive feat by anyone’s standards. The variations that you can choose to play are either in person or online. Online poker includes live poker, video poker, and electronic poker. There are many different ways to practice this classic table game.

5. Baccarat

This table game is not only within the top five of players in the US but its 007’s all-time favorite table game. James Bond admits to this during the 1962 film Dr. No. The incredibly popular casino card game involves players needing to reach nine with the value of their hands. This exciting game has had players captivated for decades and has remained popular since its introduction to the US back in the 19th century from Cuba.

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