Slotland Mobile Casino

The Slotland Casino Company is committed to mobile casino gambling. Slotland Casino is compatible with just about every mobile gaming device, in every geographical area. In fact, when we called them at their easy to access customer service toll free number, they told us specifically that they do not turn anyone away regardless of location.

That makes sense right? Could you imagine going to a local casino and having them ask you to leave because of where you live?

Slotland Casino is compatible with all of the following mobile and other devices:

  • Blackberry Mobile Phones
  • Android Cell Phones
  • Wii Video Game Systems
  • Web TV
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • PC
  • Macintosh
  • Linux

The best part about Slotland’s Mobile Casino is that the casino didn’t just choose a few random games and make them playable online, every game the casino offers can be played via a mobile device, that means whatever your favorite Slotland Casino game is, you could be playing it on your phone right now.

Slotland Mobile Casino Bonus – up to $1000 in free Casino Cash!

The Slotland Casino bonus is redeemable over your first 10 deposits to the casino, up to the $1000.00 maximum bonus amount. Your first deposit to the casino will be matched 100%. Each subsequent deposit is matched by 50%.

No- Deposit Mobile Casino Bonus at Slotland Casino

Before you even make that first deposit though, there’s a free no-deposit required bonus for Slotland Casino players. When you register at Slotland, enter the coupon code NDF44 for $44 free. This is free marketing money the casino gives to new players to encourage new sign ups.

Every time you deposit $1000 into your Slotland Casino account, the casino rewards you with $100 free in instant casino cash. This bonus offer is available on your first 10 deposits to Slotland.

There’s no Slotland Promotion Code required, just click any link from this website and you automatically qualify, the coupon code is hardcoded right into the link!

Slotland Mobile Casino VIP Club

Every month Slotland Casino sends out an email to all of their members. In that email, players receive special redeposit offers, and event invitations, and other neat things that are introduced by the Slotland Casino marketing department.

VIP players at Slotland Casino will receive a second email from the company each month with exclusive offers that players have to be VIP members to be privy to.

The amount of money and frequency of a players play determines their eligibility as a Slotland VIP Club member. For specific VIP Club information, after you’ve gotten yourself signed up at the casino, send the casino an email at [email protected]

Mobile Games Available at Slotland Casino

Every game that is offered at Slotland Casino is available via your mobile device. That includes games from all of the following categories:

  • Mobile Video poker
  • Mobile Craps
  • Mobile Blackjack
  • Mobile Roulette
  • Mobile Bingo
  • Mobile Baccarat

Table Games at Slotland Casino

Space Jack

Space Jack is a blackjack variety game offered at the Slotland Mobile Casino. In fact, it’s one of the most popular games offered at Slotland. The game features an ‘extreme-jackpot’ that’s paid out at least once per day.

The object of the game is of course to come as close to 21 as possible, while not going over. If your hand beats the dealers or the dealer busts, then you win. Players play three different blackjack hands every single game.

Here’s where things get interesting though, if you decide to hit, meaning draw a card, you get 3 cards, one for each of your hands. Imagine how tricky that makes the game when one of your hands has a value of 11, and another is sitting pretty at 19.

Mobile Slots at Slotland Casino

In all honestly, there are some great slot machines available at Slotland Casino, but for a casino named SLOT Land… they’re rather lacking in variety. If their name was simply “Mobile Casino”, “Cell Phone Casino”, or “Online Casino” well then we’d simply say they have a great selection and move on, but that’s not the case, they’re Slotland casino. So when you think of them, naturally you envision a Disney Land of slot machines, bigger and better than a Las Vegas Casino, an amazing array of machines just waiting to pay big jackpots.

What do you find at Slotland Mobile Casino?

At Slotland you’ll be greeted by 20 online slot machines, all very unique in nature, as Slotland is an independent casino that isn’t run by Micrograming or RTG or other mainstream slot machine companies, so the games aren’t the same games you’ll find at hundreds of other mobile casinos.

Slotland Casinos mobile machine Greatest HitsGreatest Hits Mobile Slot Game

The Greatest Hits Mobile slot game is a musically themed mobile casino game at Slotland Casino that’s a 5 reel slot machine that featuring 19 pay-line’s and a bonus round!

Double Luck Mobile Slot Machine

The Double Luck Slot machine at Slotland Casino features 5 spinning reels and 9 betting line along with a double feature!

Fruit Mania Mobile Casino Game – With 5 Bonus Features!

This is one of the most popular slots available at Slotland, and definitely the most popular mobile casino game the casino has to offer. This is likely because the 5 reel online slot machine features 15 pay-lines and 5 bonus features. Yep, you read that right, five bonus features.

Pearls of Atlantis Mobile Slot Machine – With a Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game

Pearls of Atlantis is a 5 reel, 9 payline slot machine at Slotland’s mobile casino that features a Wheel of Fortune bonus game.

Tikal Treasure – 25 Payline Mobile Slot Game

This Egyptian themed slot game is a 5 reel mobile slot machine that features 25 paylines and an interactive bonus game!

jewels-of-the-ancients - Slotland Mobile Casino GameJewels of the Ancients – 19 Paylines

Jewels of the Ancients features 19 paylines on 5 spinning reels and a unique bonus puzzle.

Witch’s Brew – A Classic Style Mobile Slot Game

Witches brew is a single reel classic styled slot machine game that features a Jackpot and Wild Symbols.

Lucky Ducts – Featuring 50x Multipliers and Free Spins!

This 5 reel slot machine offers 19 betting lines, and multipliers that reach up to 50 times your bet, in addition to that, Lucky Ducts also features a free spin feature.

Treasure Box – Mobile Slot Game with a Treasury Bonus

Treasure Box is a multi-reel mobile slot machine game that features a bonus round called the treasury bonus.

Reel Riot Mobile Slot Machine – Classic 3 Reel Mobile Slot Game with a Bonus Feature

This mobile slot machine by Slotland is a 3 reel classic style slot machine with one single payline. Reel Riot features a Double Wild symbol that not only works as a wild symbol completing winning combinations, it doubles them! Spinning three Double Wild’s triggers the games bonus feature.

Mega Spin – Free spins on every win!

MegaSpin Mobile is a single payline slot machine with a unique twist. The slot machine actually has two sets of reels, each featuring three reels. The player initially spins the biggest set of 3 reels, located on the bottom of the machine, from there, if the player wins, they move to the top set of reels for a freespin!

Heavy Metal Mobile 4 PayLine Slot Machine

This Slotland Casino machine features three reels and four pay-lines. What makes the game unique is a little game being played in a window to the left side of the bottom of the game. As you spin the reels, the combination spun will show up in that special window. Which then becomes a game in and of itself.

The last three spins are shown in the window creating an additional three reel, three payline game.

More Mobile Slot Games at Slotland

  • Lucky Stars
  • Silver Kiss
  • Halloween Magic
  • Golden 8
  • Santa Sleigh

Video Poker Games at Slotland Mobile Casino

Jacks or Better Mobile Video Poker Game

Slotland’s Jacks or Better game is a traditional Jacks or Better game like you’ll find in many casinos, and available in bars in such as Oregon as a part of the local lottery.

Each hand in this mobile game begins with the player being dealt 5 cards. The player then decides whether to keep all five cards, discard all of them, or some of them, and then draw new cards. If the player obtains a winning combination (available on the pay-chart), the player wins and is paid accordingly.

Wild Heart Mobile Video Poker Game

Wild Heart is a triple video poker game that uses 3 decks of cards each containing 54 cards, the usual 52 plus the jokers. The jokers in this game are wild and can be used as any other card. Players need at least 2 pairs on one pay-line to win.

More Video Poker Games

  • Striking 7s
  • Slotris
  • Four Cast

Banking options at Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino Deposit Options

  1. Credit Cards
  2. NETeller
  3. Check 21 (USA Friendly!)

Slotland Casino Withdrawal Options

Slotland Casino processes payouts on Tuesday, not necessary on the day you request them. It’s odd, we know, but that’s how it works. If you want cash out of your Slotland Casino account, make your request by Monday. Your request must also be at least $10.

  • Checks

Slotland Mobile casino players (and all others) can request a check a week, and no more. Checks must be less than $2500. This is a USA friendly withdrawal option

  • Bank Wire Withdrawals – $200 minimum
  • Moneybookers
  • NETeller
  • InstaDebit

Cashing out from the United States

If you’re in The United States, your cash-out will be processed by check. There’s no paper-trail as the company is not incorporated in the United States and is therefore not required to file a W-2G with the IRS. There’s no need to provide your Social Security number with Slotland Casino. Now we’re not lawyers here at 4flush, but I think the government may still require you to do some reporting. It’d be pretty unusual for a United States citizen to receive any windfalls of cash and not run into the outstretched arm of good ole Uncle Sam expecting his coffers to be filled.

Written by AKA LadyHoldem

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