Online Gambling Expansion on Hold in Illinois

Illinois State SealThe state of Illinois is currently in debt in the billions, around $100 billion to be exact, and has been considering a gambling expansion with the discussion of online poker legislation on the table. However in a special session for legislation in the state, the governor, Pat Quinn, is refusing to discuss the matter of online poker legislation until the matter of pension plan is discussed.

Quinn has reportedly been against any expansion of gambling in the state in the past however, he changed his tune earlier this year, stating he was open to an expansion if gaming companies were banned from handing out political donations. The Governor wanted to avoid corruption in the state which is not uncommon unfortunately in Illinois.

Proponents of online gambling options will argue their point in many ways, one of which is revenues. Estimates and studies have shown that online gambling revenues vary from state to state but most show very large numbers when considering this option.

This amount would certain help states in the US that are struggling yet many legislative officials continue to avoid the issue or delay discussing the option. Thus is the case in the state of Illinois though the revenue’s that online gambling could provide would certainly help their situation.

The state of Illinois is one that could strongly help the option of interstate poker for online gaming. The state has a very large population with close to thirteen million people residing in the state. With the addition of the state, online poker could certain grow considerably.

Despite the revenues the option could bring the state, the governor is refusing to discuss the matter until the budget deficit is solved. However, it seems a bit ironic if one considers that this option would bring in much needed revenues which could be used to cut down on the state budget deficit needs. For now, the option is on hold.

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