Station Casinos Launch an NFT for Loyalty Players

Station Casinos has introduced a non-fungible token (NFT) to its Boarding Pass casino loyalty rewards program. The NFT, dubbed STN Charms, is a limited-edition collectible. STN Charms will be exchangeable with traditional forms of currency once the market opens on May 1, 2023.

This form of reward is available to players with a Boarding Pass rewards card on slot machines and video poker. The best part about this program is that players will be automatically enrolled if they have the Boarding Pass rewards card.

The Senior Vice President of Innovation at the company, Tom Mikulich, explained the need for introducing STN Charms. He said that this unique program would allow players at the casino to earn unique rewards. He also noted his belief that the reward program would reshape the gaming landscape in the casino and provide a fun way for clients to enjoy playing at their casinos.

Will STN Charms Be a Game Changer?

The NFT market rose significantly during the Coronavirus pandemic. With everything returning to normalcy, NFT trading has slowed down. This might be a challenge for Station Casinos.

The company recently flaunted the growth of its customers who are 65 or older. Yet, NFT trading is popular among Millenials and Gen Z. It could be difficult for Station Casinos to campaign about its new reward system to a demographic other than Millenials and Gen Zs.

Fortunately, the program is free to join. This will appeal to people who love collecting NFTs for fun.

How to Acquire and Sell STN Charms

Acquiring STN Charms is easy. First, ensure you have your Board Pass card. Then, insert the card into a gaming machine to receive your first Shamrock charm. The charm will appear on the service window on the slot machine.

Players will earn charms depending on how much they play at Station Casinos and Wildfire casinos. Your gaming activity will be tracked using your Boarding Pass card.

There are five STN Charms NFT levels including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Climbing through these levels is one of the ways to encourage players to earn more charms.

Interestingly, Station Casinos will release new charms every month. Some of the available charms categories at the moment include shamrock, panda, penny, and horseshoe.

The best part about STN Charms is selling. The market opens on May 1.

The value of these NFTs will vary depending on their availability. For instance, players with Boarding Pass cards will automatically earn Shamrock charm.

This means that most players will have this charm. As such, the value of the charm might be low.

Playing at Station Casinos will increase players’ chances to collect rare charms. This will increase the possible value of the specific charm. Ideally, leveling up through the five NFT levels will give players a chance to earn rare collectibles.

For this reward program to work, there have to be buyers and sellers. This will become clear once the STN Charms marketplace is open.

For now, you can play your favorite slot machines and video poker as usual to earn STN Charms. Then, you can see how much you can sell your NFTs once the marketplace is open.

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