Robot Card Dealer? The Future Is Here

The time of machines has come, as many robots are already taking over a lot of jobs that were previously done by humans. However, there’s been an unexpected twist in the casino industry, as a gaming manufacturer plans to roll out a robot card dealer.

However interesting, the idea has stumbled upon a divided reception. Many innovation lovers think it’s brilliant, but some don’t believe it’s worth it.

Casinos are already automated up to a certain extent, as we can now use machines for automatic food and drink orders, choose delivery options that are automated, and more. However, the newest innovation could improve the level of “being automated” by far. The company that makes these robots is called LT Game, and it is a subsidiary company of Paradise Gaming, which is a Hong Kong-based firm.

According to a report by Macau News Agency, the robot will be “human-like” and will be out soon after several years of development. Overseas casinos could soon see such a product installed on their gaming floors, and visitors will be able to play cards against the machine.

Was the need for robots really necessary? Many operators in Macau already complained a couple of times that they lack truly experienced dealers, and it seems that robots might end up the best solution for that.

One cannot help but wonder how talented these machines really are. Can they really do a better job compared to their human counterparts? The answer is probably located in their brains powered by hard drives.

The Showcase

The latest version of this product was displayed at the 2019 MGS Entertainment Show, which took place at the Venetian in Macau. Ross Zhang, a quality assurance engineer for LT Game, stated that they had invented the machine that could help local casinos “keep the fun” despite lacking manpower for the job.

The company has actually been updating its product actively for years and showcasing the latest versions ever since 2015. The latest robot only has the ability to distribute cards, but it actually doesn’t have any AI installed yet. However, adding Artificial Intelligence is definitely on the list for the robot developer.

However, there’s a good reason why Zhang and his company still don’t want to add AI to their product. He believes that there’s a possibility that AI would be able to calculate probabilities and influence them, which would affect the gameplay of every card game which the machines deal.

Casinos already have AI technology introduced in order to gather more data and further improve. The robots are coming to casinos — and that’s the fact.

Therefore, we can just hope they wouldn’t become too powerful and affect our games. On the other hand, casinos wouldn’t allow for such things to happen in the first place, as they want to keep games fair and entertaining.

The entire casino industry is being rapidly developed as it threads hand-in-hand with the latest technological breakthroughs, and robot dealers are just one step on the path of innovation that has been hitting the industry hard recently.

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