Rise in Mobile Gambling

The online gambling industry is starting to see some very big changes in the way they present themselves to their customers. Most online casinos and poker rooms tend to require a software download, and in some case, they also have an Instant Play version of their casino. The instant play version is run on a different platform, such as Flash; which makes playing these games on mobile casino devices a lot trickier.

Most of the online casinos have caught on to the fact that a lot of their customer base are always on the go, and tend to use the latest technology to do all of the tasks they would have done on a PC or Mac. With the technology that mobile devices have nowadays, it makes sense that online casino players will use their smartphones, tablets or others, in order to play the casino games, instead of having to rely on a computer. This has sparked something great to happen in one of the world’s largest phone and tablet innovator, Apple, as well as in many different software companies across the world and the US; with Seattle becoming the main focus.

Apple Allows Real-Money Games

With the market for online gambling changing in the U.S., Apple has started to view this as a big opportunity to expand into other areas. However, Apple has stated the fact that they will not be collecting any shared profit from any of the gambling winnings. They do believe it is a smart move to allow real-money gambling to be allowed on their iPhone, but they wish to stay out of actually operating or taking any part in the actual gambling portion.

This means that Apple will only allow these mobile gambling services to happen on their devices, but they will not take part in the business aspect. They do not wish to be middlemen between the gambling companies and their users. This decision on behalf of Apple has sparked a new revolution of mobile gambling. Revenue that comes in due to customers playing on their mobile devices has been steadily rising, and it does not look like it will slow down; instead, it will speed up.

Seattle, Gambling Software Haven

Seattle has always been a great city for anything gambling and casino related for many years, as they have been the hub for many to create and produce many of the devices that are being used today. With the rise in mobile gambling, a Seattle based company Big Fish Games Inc. has decided to make their debut by creating the Big Fish Casino, which will be available to be played on the iPhone.

Other software companies are not standing idly by. Popular iPhone game developer Zynga has also decided to throw their talent into the pool. The company recently stated that they would be developing a mobile casino to be released sometime early in 2013.

This is great news for all of the casino players that prefer to use their mobile devices to play, especially those that have an iPhone. There will be a huge resurgence of innovation and creation of mobile casino apps, where players will be able to benefit from the competition. Not only with mobile gambling, but with many states in the U.S. starting to allow online gambling, there will be a lot more business for everyone. Keep an eye out for any real-money mobile casinos that are soon to be popping up.

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