Poker Tournament Robberies Running Rampant This Month

The month of October has not been a great month to hold poker tournaments with friends. A string of robberies have happened in different states throughout this month. The first we reported on was in Oklahoma which was followed by a robbery in Pennsylvania. Just this past week, a robbery happened in Cleveland, Ohio during a poker game and over $11,000 was stolen from the players.

The robbery took place this past Monday night at an Apartment. Seven players were in the residence when two robbers holding assault rifles came in and stole their money. The robbers forced the seven players to remove their pants and then proceeded to spray the players with pepper spray. The robbers then ran out of the apartment with the cash.

A player from Monday night’s game commented that the tournament was listed on a Web site that is dedicated to local poker games. The man told the host of the game to warn him about security and urge him not to advertise where the game was going to be held. The robbers most likely used the information on the site to know where to go and then proceeded to rob the players.

The robbers got in to the apartment because one of the players went outside to smoke. A robber put a gun to the smokers head and then forced the player to take them inside. Another player heard the knock and opened the door to see the suspects with the guns and was ordered to get on the ground along with the other players. The robbers then told the players to remove their pants and proceeded to put the player’s pants, wallets and money into two bags.

The suspects then led the men into the kitchen where they were sprayed with pepper spray. After the robbers left, one player was able to find the bags of clothes strewn nearby just after the police arrived. Police are currently still investigating the case.

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