Osaka Aims To Open An Integrated Resort In 2026

Osaka has been selected to be the host city for the 2025 World Expo, which is a huge honor a city can have. Thousands of tourists will go to the big Japanese city to witness the latest innovations in the world.

To further improve the city for the tourists, the officials of Osaka wanted to build an integrated resort before 2025. However, the mayor of the city, Ichiro Matsui, now seems to think that it is impossible to meet that deadline and believes that the resort will open its doors in 2026.

2025 was set as the final deadline, but it simply had to be postponed. Representative director of the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, Hiroyuki Ikeda, stated that it would be perfect that the opening of the new resort would be in conjunction with the start of the World Expo that would take place in Osaka and Kansai.

Ikeda was pretty positive about the resort being able to be open in time and stated that the infrastructure development could speed up if the entire country of Japan was motivated. Infrastructure has been a big problem for the building of integrated resorts, as delays related to construction may stand in the way of getting things done by 2025.

Namely, the integrated resort would not only include a casino and a hotel, but also other amenities, including a convention hall, a shopping mall, and more. It’s truly a massive project and takes a lot of time to complete.

Mayor Response

The mayor of Osaka was first convinced that they would be able to complete the project by 2025. He stated that they cannot give up on spring 2025 as the opening date of the facility. However, he later admitted that it would be difficult to push operators and speed things up, enforcing “impossible conditions” on them.

According to the Integrated Resort Implementation Act, which was voted by the Japanese lawmakers, every integrated resort needs to have five core facilities, and all of them need to start working at the same time as the casino. Moreover, there are numerous additional requirements that no operator in this world could meet within a given timeframe.

That’s why one of the best options is probably to postpone the opening ceremony for 2026 and miss out on the opportunity to provide thousands of tourists with additional entertainment. Nevertheless, just the fact that there could be an integrated resort in Osaka means that the city could have a huge benefit from it, regardless of the time it opens.

However, before anything related to the construction of the integrated resorts happens, there’s still a lot of bureaucracy in between. First of all, the officials of Japan need to select three operators who will each receive a license each for building and operating one integrated resort.

Next, they need to decide the three places where these resorts would be built. A lot of cities and areas already applied for the selection process, but it seems that Osaka is one of the most likely destinations to win the bid.

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