MGM Springfield Aims to Attract Younger Visitors

The current state of affairs in land-based casinos is good, but casino operators fear that people will stop visiting these facilities in the future. The reason for their concern is that young people don’t really care about visiting casinos that are not on the web.

In order to play some slots or table games, they need to get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, get in a car (or worse — catch a public transport), go to the casino, and play.

The baby boomer generation doesn’t really care about this as they are used to visiting casinos this way. For them, going to a casino is not about playing games — it’s about the entire experience. They like the smell of casino floors, the clinking and the clanking of slots, the murmur of people playing cards, and more.

But then there are Millenials and Gen Z, who don’t really care about all of that. All they want is the so-called “instant gratification.”

They don’t want to deal with getting ready for a casino and going out with friends to have fun there. In fact, they cherish different values and find online casinos the best option for them.

In other words, whenever they feel like playing games, all they have to do is use their mobile device or a PC and start enjoying this activity.

MGM Begs To Disagree

Some casino operators who focus on land-based casinos are not that certain whether online casinos are the only way to go for the youngsters. They want to invite young people to get out of their homes and actually visit a casino, and one of their latest projects is set to do just that.

In fact, they have launched a completely new casino space that would cater to the needs of Millenials and invite them to play games in a land-based casino. This new space will actually be a combination of the two — players will be able to play games on computers with live dealers and still be in a fancy casino space and hang out with each other.

The company hopes to attract more players this way, as it has not been doing well lately. In fact, MGM Springfield failed to reach its expectations for its first year. They expected to see approximately $412 million in revenue for the initial 12 months, but the gross gaming revenue turned out to be only $252.8 million for 11 months. Needless to say, their goal was not reached.

The reason for their lack of success is that they miscalculated the Massachusetts landscape. They failed to take the gambler’s evolution towards online casinos into account, which was a heavy blow for them.

Moreover, there are two casinos just across the border at Connecticut — Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods — that are serious competition. In the end, their latest project might well become successful, and we will be able to see the results in a year.

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