Maryland Casinos Offer Slots, Tables, Sports Betting, and COVID-19 Boosters

Maryland Casinos Offer Slots, Tables, Sports Betting, and COVID-19 Boosters

COVID-19 had scared many players from casinos. Casinos in Maryland have offered relief to gamblers by offering COVID-19 boosters on site. Offering COVID-19 boosters in casinos is a part of the initiative by Governor Larry Hogan in his booster action plan. 

Governor Hogan has noted that gamblers are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 while in gaming areas, and these boosters are a way of keeping them safe. There are vax clinics in Horseshoe Baltimore, Rocky Gap Resort, MGM National Harbor, Hollywood Perryville, and Live Casino & Hotel.

Casinos in Maryland are entirely on board with this initiative. Many Marylanders who are not gamblers have also gotten the booster to safekeeping their health in these pandemic times.

Live! Casino & Hotel, which Cordish Companies run, has always been a step ahead in taking COVID-19 safe measures. The casino has made the COVID-19 vaccines available to all its guests. The Anne Arundel casino is also taking significant measures. It was the first commercial casino in the country to have an on-site vaccination center.  

Campaign to Increase Booster Rates

Statistics rank Maryland as one of the top 10 states in COVID-19 vaccination. The rank results from Maryland having more than 74 percent of its residents fully vaccinated. In a state of six million, 85 percent of them have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

However, Governor Hogan advocates for more people to get vaccines and the booster. His main goal as far as COVID-19 is concerned is to have a fully vaccinated state. 

The governor has added $2 million to the government funds to run a vaccination campaign via the Maryland Lottery. Marylanders receiving a booster have a chance to win cash prizes randomly every week.

The campaign will be running until May. The participants in the cash prize will draw a single name, and the lucky winner will have a cash reward of $50,000.   

The promotion, referred to as VaxCash 2.0, started a week ago. VaxCash 2.0 drew a $500,000 winner. This promotion campaign is similar to the novel VaxCash lottery promotion held last year. VaxCash had $2 million in winnings to the Maryland citizens who got the vaccine. 

To qualify to win, you must be over 18 years, a resident of Maryland, and have gotten both COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in Maryland. The officials in the promotion revealed the first winner of VaxCash 2.0 was from Dundalk. The ultimate cash prize will be $1 million. 

COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Statistics in Maryland

January was a good month for the governor’s office. The Maryland Department of Health recorded its two-millionth COVID-19 booster shot. The department says that Maryland dispersed over 11 million vaccine shots to the citizens. 

Over 95 percent of adults in Maryland have received at least one dose of the corona vaccine, and the Department of Health is expecting to record more. Governor Hogan boasts of a high vaccination percentage in Maryland, and he said that the vaccine shots are highly responsible for the decrease in COVID-19 infection rates. 

Although there are people still debating the efficiency of the vaccine shots, Hogan has urged those who are not vaccinated to protect their loved ones and their fellow citizens of Maryland. 

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