Labor Day: Violence in Las Vegas Due to Cheap and Free Rooms

Labor Day is an important holiday in the US. Still, things were somewhat different this year, as many people had just one thing in mind – to forget about ongoing problems in the country (and the world), such as the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, many decided to travel somewhere, and Las Vegas was one of the more popular destinations.

The reason why a lot of people chose the Entertainment Capital of the World amidst pandemic was cheap hotel rooms. There were plenty of deals by hospitality companies that made hotel rooms affordable by anyone — literally everyone. A lot of people who went to Vegas during the holiday were a loud and violent bunch — the kind that’s not often present in the city.

In fact, an analyst stated that the result of increased violence in Vegas during the Labor Day was a direct result of cheap and free rooms that attracted “riff-raff” who wouldn’t visit the city in normal circumstances.

VP at CDC Consulting, Greg Mullen, said in Las Vegas Review-Journal that affordable and free rooms in hotels all over Vegas “are going to the players that have never had free rooms in Las Vegas.” He added that hospitality companies in Vegas went “deeper in their databases,” attracting guests that weren’t as lucrative. It’s better to have at least some visitors than to have none, even if they are not ideal Vegas guests. According to Mullen, properties will have to set prices so that hotels still get a boost in occupancy yet still keep the “undesired guests” at bay.

Not a Recent Problem in Vegas

The issue of violence didn’t start on Labor Day. Instead, it started more than a month ago, when casinos reopened their doors after the pandemic shutdown. According to CrimeMapping-com, there were a total of 324 calls for 911 during the last month. Most of these calls — 137 of them, to be precise — we for disturbing the peace. However, a total of 72 calls were for assault in the Vegas area. Other crimes that made it to the list are also vandalism, burglary, and vehicle theft.

However, many people don’t agree that lower hotel prices are the main reason behind so much violence. Although the rooms are cheaper, they cost, on average, 18% less compared to last year, which is still not low enough to attract unwanted clients. What many consider to be the main problem of so many 911 calls is the ongoing frustration caused by lengthy pandemic lockdowns and protests against racial inequality. Nevada was also involved in riots, and the National Guard was called to restore order at one point.

One of the reasons why Mullen assumed that cheaper hotel rooms lead to violence is a video on YouTube that shows 15 guests brawling at a pool party in The Encore. However, that pool party was open for everyone, and the officials of the property confirmed that the people who brawled weren’t guests of the property but pool visitors.

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