Encore Boston Harbor May Not Get Anticipated Expansion

Encore Boston Harbor May Not Get Anticipated Expansion

Wynn Resorts representatives announced that the casino operator would be putting its Encore Boston Harbor Casino expansion plans to a halt. The new infrastructural development is important to the area, as well as the hotel and casino hospitality giant.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) revealed that Wynn Resorts has been evaluating the overall feasibility of the development. The company has stated that it wants to ensure the “best use of the land.” However, it has also had to rethink the current financial position and prevailing market conditions.

However, it appears that there might be more as to why the organization made the sudden decision. The operator has been adamant about proceeding with the push for an expansion program. However, it seems as if more review processes are expected to take place in the coming days.

Plan Specifics Being Reconsidered on Both Sides

Joe Delaney, the commission’s Chief of Community Affairs, commented on some of the specifics as to why the Wynn Resorts had abruptly paused their new development project.

Delaney stated that revisions identified inconsistencies concerning where the new project fit regarding ownership and commercial purposes. He also commented that the hospitality giant had already expressed internal concerns about handling certain aspects of the project and was now considering additional factors such as COVID-19 related efforts.

The original plan contemplated the construction of a massive entertainment venue capable of seating over 1,800 spectators. It also considered a 20,000 square foot restaurant and a parking lot for over 2,000 automobiles. This project is still set to be developed in front of Wynn’s Encore Boston Harbor Casino on the six-acre property.

The expansion is by no means a typical small-scale growth for any casino. However, the following steps are expected to reveal what the ultimate result of Encore’s project will be.

Encore’s Next Steps to Resume Expansion

According to representatives on both ends, the next steps are already on course. First, the development plans have already been sent over to the Everett Planning Board. Then, with new modifications, further review is necessary by local authorities.

Once all aspects of the plan have been validated, the proposal will again be submitted to the MGC for final approval. Given that the new development is linked to Wynn’s Encore Casino, this last step is also vital to determine if any gaming interests will require the involvement of the MGC.

According to Encore’s representatives, all intentions are still to keep their expansion program moving forward. Even with recent missteps and reconsiderations, Encore’s plans are still focused on expanding their operations in Boston.

The organization had previously revealed that they envisioned contributing new forms of entertainment to the city of Boston. In addition, with new infrastructure plans, the company had also set forth to stimulate the local economy and potentially generate a significant number of new jobs.

All that remains for Wynn Resorts is to wait. The approval by local organizations to ensure the company is complying with everything necessary to proceed with the development of its new project is still pending.

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