Employees, Guests at Casino Receive Mass Killing Threats on Las Vegas Strip

Oakland A’s Las Vegas Relocation Will Determine Tropicana Las Vegas’ Fate

Earlier last week, a man threatened to kill all employees and guests at the cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas strip. The Las Vegas Metro officers arrested the man on Friday. He is facing a possible prison sentence and/or a fine.

David DeMaison claimed to have a nuclear weapon. According to local TV station KTNV, David will be charged for conveying false information. This is considered an act of terrorism and could land him a prison sentence of not less than two years and up to 20 years.

Another local tv station, KLAS, also reported that David was heard saying that he had a nuclear weapon. He added that he would kill everyone on the premises and even said he would blow up the whole country.

All this drama was recorded on the casino’s security cameras. Initially, the scene fit the description of a battery. After closer analysis, they concluded that David was committing an act of terrorism. The metro officers contacted the fusion watch about the threat.

Fusion Watch is part of the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, which monitors terrorist risks in Clark County.

This Was Not the First Mass Killing Threat in Las Vegas

Over three years ago, a 64-year-old man threatened to kill everyone attending a music festival in Mandalay Bay. Stephen Paddock opened fire and killed 58 victims on October 1, 2017. Stephen stood on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, owned by MGM Resorts.

During the ordeal, another 800 people were injured. Police are yet to uncover the man’s motive as he shortly killed himself.

Other Similar Mass Killing Threat

In April 2021, a man at the McCarran International Airport threatened to shoot people in Las Vegas and blow up planes. Andrew Greco, believed to be from Stateline Nevada, was asked to pay an extra fee for his luggage by Frontier Airlines.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the charges brought to the man. Andrew was charged with threatening to bomb Las Vegas and committing an act of terrorism. The leading Las Vegas magazine cited several clauses as seen on court documents related to the case against Andrew.

Following the threat, the airport increased patrols. The airport also alerted the federal law enforcement agencies so that they could respond to the threat. Metro police also alerted the Federal Investigative Bureau and the counter-terrorism officials.

The 52-year-old man called the airport’s customer support service over ten times in one night. He was staying at the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa in Las Vegas. During his nightly calls, he would threaten to blow at least one aircraft and kill hundreds in Las Vegas. It is still unclear where the case filed in courts has reached.

Another recent mass killing threat happened several days ago at a grocery store near Centennial Parkway. An employee at the store was told by a man that they had a bomb. The incident was shortly reported to the police, who immediately responded to the claim.

They evacuated the grocery store, slept through looking for any sign of a bomb but did not find any. The police reported it was a false alarm and are still looking for the man who makes the terrorism threat.


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