DraftKings Doing Big Business in New Hampshire

It’s been many months since New Hampshire legalized sports betting. It was back in December when DraftKings launched its mobile sportsbook platform there, and now the daily fantasy and sports betting operator is adding a brick-and-mortar presence in NH.

And this past Wednesday, the DraftKings sportsbook at The Brook opened its doors for business, marking the start of something new. It is the first live sportsbook to open within the state, and perhaps, will end up becoming the beginning of what will be many.

Things has been slow for several months, as they had to shut down in March. But they reopened In June, and things will look to continue to take off as time goes on. Results will be important in these next few months in determining potential success in NH.

Virus Slowed Things Previously

There was going to be a huge opportunity as the sportsbook was going to launch right before the March Madness tournament, which could have piled in huge bets. As a result of the pandemic, things slowed down and they obviously could not make it happen as they had intended to.

They launched this week instead, with a slew of protocols with safety and health in place. Employees and guests all have to have proper face coverings to enter The Brook. They also have hand sanitizing stations displaced throughout the casino to ensure clean hands. They are open Wednesday-Sunday to allow for deep cleaning on the two off-days.

CEO Andre Carrier believes that business is about to be booming. He adds “It’s pretty much a panacea for sports bettors right now with the NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball, and, hopefully, the NFL next month”. He went on to mention that things could be even bigger than they would have been in March with all of the college basketball.

Huge Investment

This is a golden opportunity for DraftKings to mark its territory in New Hampshire. They earned the right to be the exclusive online sports betting operator in the state, in exchange for retaining 51 percent of all revenue generated. They also get to keep 50 percent from retail locations. A pretty sweet deal.

DraftKings has committed to operating a minimum of four sportsbooks in the state. The online platform has already generated north of $65 million in sports betting handle. It also helps that the MLB and NBA are both in full swing right now, and the four months off created a new sense of yearning in big bettors and players.

They are going to hold an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at The Brook sometime next month. While it is too bad that it is open and operating and said ceremony hasn’t happened yet, it’s been great to see business booming as it has been. During the tough times, a lot of businesses have faltered.

It is pretty clear that The Brook is going to continue to thrive. And that DraftKings and New Hampshire’s partnership is going yield fantastic results for both parties. And wait until NFL season. It’s going to see a surge far more significant than it did for the current sports.

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