Could Singapore Manage Risk in Casinos with Data Mining?

A couple of weeks ago, Macau’s officials changed their minds on the idea of introducing facial recognition technology, as it was considered an invasion of privacy. This time, Singapore is the country on which everyone is focused at the moment, as it will try to use another technology to manage casino risk — data mining.

The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (also known as the CRA) has but one goal in mind, and that is to improve risk management in the gaming industry. They simply want to immediately identify gamblers who are more likely to break the rules and put a stop before such a thing happens. One of the ways to do that is to extract data from different sources and get a better picture.

According to the Minister for Home Affairs and Minister of Manpower, Josephine Teo, the best option to achieve maximum security is using data mining. Nevertheless, many consider such practice a serious invasion of privacy, much like facial recognition technology.

Teo held a speech at the 5th Singapore Symposium on Gambling Regulation and Crime and stated that CRA explored the way data analytics was used to harvest and analyze information about the risk associated with some patrons. According to Teo, it would support policy development as well as make CRA risk management better.

Furthermore, Teo added that they were working closely with all casinos in Singapore in order to “implement measures” that could help visitors. These measures could help them make “informed decisions” about their activities related to gambling.

For example, they could get notifications about the amount of time they had spent in a casino. Moreover, they could be encouraged to set caps on how long they play and how much they are ready to spend.

Facebook and Singapore Working Together?

Teo did not talk about the way they are going to mine data in her speech. However, Facebook is known to be one such provider, and it opened an office in Singapore in 2018.

Needless to say, Facebook has been a data mining world leader for quite a while, and they sometimes like to help their friends out.

The symposium in Singapore was a really important one as it gathered people from all over the world, but mainly from big casino centers, including Singapore, Macau, and the US. The event was designed in such a way so as to focus on the rising problems of the regulatory hurdles that are related to online casinos and other online gambling activities.

According to Teo, there are two big challenges for regulators. The first one is that the newer generations such as Millenials are not interested in traditional forms of casino entertainment. The other one is that land-based casinos are not that popular anymore. These two problems are actually one problem as they are very related to one another.

Nevertheless, Teo believes that there must be new regulations which are going to be oriented towards new instances of gambling, especially the ones that are on the web.

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